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AT&T Brings Back House Calls

AT&T is reincarnating the traditional telephone serviceperson who always seemed to be able to get the things to work: On Monday, AT&T said it will offer various in-home and in-office services, some of them without additional cost.

Customers with AT&T Yahoo High Speed Internet Express or Pro with AT&T Gateway links can receive networking setup services that include mail-in rebates to defray installation costs.

The foundation for the new services is the AT&T Support+ program, which includes technical support for devices like PDAs, digital cameras, TIVOs, scanners and CD/DVD writers.

The Support+ service is offered on a per-incident charge or through other subscription features of the service. Pre-paid memberships are available for $125 for a six-month period for unlimited service.

AT&T's merger partner BellSouth recently began offering paid help service for PC repair, and installation of devices including MP3 players and digital cameras in its region.