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Aruba AirWave 7 Unifies Network Management

Aruba Networks has unveiled AirWave 7, its network management solution that integrates the management of wireless networks, wired infrastructure, and client devices into a single interface.

Drawing on earlier versions of AirWave, the new extension provides a single point of visibility and control for entire network edges.

"AirWave 7 combines the functions of multiple tools from different manufacturers into one powerful, easy-to-use solution," says Bryan Wargo, general manager of the firm's AirWave group, in a statement. Wargo noted that AirWave 7 can be delivered as software, or on an appliance, or using Aruba's AirWave OnDemand (AoD) software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Included in the new extension is an AirWave Mobile Device Manager (MDM) module, which provides over-the-air management of devices ranging from handsets to self-service kiosks and wireless printers. AirWave 7, which was announced on Monday, also addresses wired infrastructure management and can be used to manage edge switches including Cisco and HP models.

The AirWave Management Platform can also map upstream relationships between access points, controllers, and switches. For instance, a downed AP can be quickly mapped to develop root-cause analysis.

Noting that many industries including retail, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing businesses are increasingly reliant on mobile devices, Aruba said mobile device management has become an essential task for many IT managers. To address this need, Aruba said it has improved monitoring, diagnostic and Help Desk features in the AirWave 7 extension.

Aruba uses XML API features to ease the integration between AirWave 7 and other IT infrastructure. By using open standards, AirWave 7 data is accessible to application developers who don't need any specialized AirWave platform knowledge for application development.

AirWave 7 is scheduled to begin shipping in March.