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Are Cell Phones Sticking It to Bumblebees?

Cell phones have taken some hard hits the last few years. They've been blamed for rises in rudeness and drops in manners. They're being held responsible for numerous car accidents. They've even been associated with causing brain cancer. Now scientists have come up with a new reason for us to worry about cell phones and other mobile devices--declining bee populations.

The London Independent reports that with bee colonies vanishing on various continents, researchers are theorizing that the radiation given off by cell phones could be the culprit. The bees' internal navigation systems are affected by the radiation, causing them to lose their way back to hives. As a result, the Queen Bee is one lonely gal at night.

Without the busy little bees, honey supplies and other crops that require pollination could suffer dramatically.

Another reason to account for the missing bees? Bug spray. Lots and lots of bug spray.

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