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Apple's iPhone Will Require iTunes Account, Too

Want an iPhone so bad you'd be willing to sell your car, your house, and your dog? How about committing to more than a two-year contract?

"Get ready for iPhone" is the advice Apple and AT&T are e-mailing potential purchasers this week. The two companies bringing the hotly anticipated iPhone to market note that an iTunes account will be required to set up the phone. The move will lock iPhone users to Apple's popular music and video online store.

The advice also notes that the iPhone will synch with many address books and contact lists, including Microsoft's Entourage e-mail client for Macintosh on Macs and Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express on PCs.

"iPhone is the first phone to come with a desktop-class e-mail application," according to the advice from Apple and AT&T, which is the sole U.S. network provider for the device.

The iPhone is scheduled to formally debut June 29, and AT&T (formerly Cingular) stores have furiously been taking orders for the device, building on Apple's success with its iPod music players. Apple's retail stores are also taking orders for the iPhone.

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