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Anticipation - In The Apple Camp, At Least

Even if Apple has worked some magic with its new Intel-based Macs, will the enterprise take notice? In early January, the computer company said it was ready to ship the first of the new Apple computers running on the x86 platform. So what has the early buzz been from corporate IT? Judging from last week's Systems Management Pipeline poll , while it looks like Apple devotees are at the very least interested in the new systems, PC loyalists aren't about to convert to Mac shops.Fifty-eight percent said that as interesting as the new machines look on paper, they are unlikely to deploy them in large numbers to their organizations. Forty-one percent responded that they aren't an Apple shop now and have no intention of becoming one. Another seventeen percent of the respondents said that as much as they like Apple systems, the systems specs weren't all that impressive.

However, businesses that are already squarely in the Apple campe are much more receptive. Twenty-four percent of the Apple loyalists said the new systems sound impressive and they do plan on deploying the new systems. Another 17 percent of the respondents said that while they like Macs, their businesses will likely only roll out the new Apple systems to their graphics unit.