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AMX Debuts Two Managed Ethernet Switches

AMX Corporation has unveiled two new managed Ethernet switches that are pre-configured to support all AMX products and designed to maximize the quality of MAX audio and video streams.

The NXA-ENET24 and NXA-ENET24PoE are pre-configured to interconnect all AMX products operating on an IP network with no additional switch or software configuration. According to the company, this will make the deployment of an AMX multimedia infrastructure a question of simply connecting the devices into the switch.

Unlike legacy hubs and standard switches, which treat all incoming traffic equally, the new switches prioritize MAX audio and video traffic to eliminate jitter and delay and ensure media quality. "As network traffic increases, it is essential that IP network switches provide priority to time sensitive applications such as audio/video streams, over less time sensitive applications such as e-mail and web surfing," AMX Executive Vice President Rashid Skaf said in a statement. "AMX has designed these switches to automatically detect and protect A/V streams coming from MAX servers, with no special configuration required."

The NXA-ENET24 features 24 auto-medium-dependent interface (MDI) and medium-dependent interface crossover (MDIX) 10/10/100 Ethernet ports and two combination Gigabit. The NXA-ENET24PoE adds power over Ethernet support, providing up to 15.4 watts of power per port to drive wireless access points and IP cameras. Both switches will be available on March 14.