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AMD Ships New Opterons

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices has begun shipping three new processors in its Opteron line, including a high-end version of the 64-bit processor that it says provides improved performance in four-way, X86-based deployments.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said its Opteron 250 is available immediately, while the 850 and 150 processors will be available in 30 days.

The Opteron 850 is positioned for four-way systems, AMD said, with the 250 aimed at two-processors servers and two-processor workstations.

"We started sampling these products three or four months ago," said Gina Longoria, the AMD Opteron 200 Series product manager. "A lot of our system builders in the channel have qualified their systems based on these processors. We've given a good amount of time for our partners to get on board to support our processors."

AMD executives also said the company would begin to make its transition from its current 135 nm manufacturing process to a more cost-effective 90 nm process, and would begin shipping some 90 nm chips in the third quarter.

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