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Allegro's New Media Server Hums Along

Software developer Allegro has announced the release of its Allegro Media Server (AMS) product. Offered for Windows and Macintosh platforms, the AMS is a fully compliant UPnP AV Server that has transparent networked access to music stored on home computers in Apple's
iTunes library format. AMS is built from a core of UPnP technology also used at the center of leading Digital Media Player products. That allows networked UPnP-based Digital Music Players to see an iTunes Digital Music Library over the network and play individual songs or playlists.

According to the Boston-based company, Allegro has engineered its own software development kits and tools specifically for the embedded systems marketplace, rather than adapt PC or open source software technology.

Allegro's products require only minimal amounts of memory and support a broad range of leading semiconductor platforms. This latest offering teams up its PC and Mac software server offerings with media player products.