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Alcatel Unveils Security Software

Alcatel has released a quarantine software engine Monday (Aug. 16) that will bring higher layers of security to its OmniSwitch family.

Alcatel's automated quarantine engine (AQE) software collects information from intrusion detection and prevention systems and dynamically re-configures the network to contain attacks. Upon detection of an attack, the AQE locates the offender and implements a network response.

In the case of a virus or worm attack, the AQE will place the infected device into an Alcatel quarantine virtual LAN (VLAN) that is applied to the edge of the network. The infected device is then blacklisted.

In conjunction with the AQE solution, Alcatel has also announced an agreement security system provider Fortinet. Under the deal, Alcatel will offer Fortinet's FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls with its OmniSwitch line.

The AQE software is a part of Alcatel's CrystalSec security framework. The AQE software and Fortinet firewalls are available now.