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Alcatel Edge Routers Tout Smaller Chassis, QoS

Alcatel aims to reduce the size and expand the functionality of carrier networks with additions this week to its service edge routing product family: a 200-Gbit chassis, I/O cards and a hierarchical quality-of-service (QoS) technique.

The family was acquired from startup TiMetra Networks last July.

Alcatel gained access to three router chassis architectures when it acquired TiMetra and developed a redundant chassis that delivers a 200-Gbit full-duplex switch fabric/system capacity in an 8U-high box that consumes one-fifth rack. Other products on the market achieve that performance in a half-rack architecture, said Lindsay Newell, director of product marketing at Alcatel (

The 7750 SR-7 chassis is a seven-slot architecture: five dedicated to I/O operation and two providing switch fabric architecture redundancy. Also, the system comes with extra fan trays and power supplies to boost redundancy.

The five I/O slots can support up to 40-Gbit/second operation. But card-capacity limitations will allow designers to achieve a peak of only 20 Gbit/s today. "In the future we'll have 40-Gbit/second line cards," Newell said.

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