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Aiding The Recovery

Among the many painful lessons we are learning in the wake of Katrina, is something we already knew. We are utterly dependent upon our communications systems to connect us to each other. Those systems really define us. And of course, communications are the foundation of our business operations.There is a long road ahead but there is help on the way. And, as always, technology is playing a primary role. Communication systems are proving to be crucial in aiding in the recovery effort, linking survivors, and helping businesses get back online.

Of course, there are big obstacles in the way to restoring communications services and, unfortunately, there are likely to be many businesses who will not recover from the events of last week. This begs the question: How ready is your business to respond to an outage? Do you have a workable contingency plan in place in the event of an outage or long-time failure? Please take a minute to answer this week’s poll. And keep in mind, an outage doesn’t have to be a complete catastrophe; an unplanned power outage that lasts hours, or in some cases even less, can prove to be extremely costly to a business.