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Adtran's Netvanta 1224STR Extends Reach to LAN

Not Just a Pretty Faceplate

The 1224STR is more than just ports for "gozinta" and "gozouta." Adtran included managed Layer 2 functionality, a stateful inspection firewall, VLAN and spanning tree support, link aggregation and, of course, port mirroring.

All these features don't mean a thing if you ain't got an easy-to-configure operating system. Adtran's is the culmination of years of work and offers both CLI and HTTP configuration options. The CLI can be accessed through the console port on the back of the unit or through telnet. The CLI commands resemble those found in Cisco's IOS.

For those not familiar with IOS or looking for a way to configure that router without getting carpal tunnel syndrome, HTTP is the way to go, and the way I chose. For my testing, I configured an IP address from the console port and finished configuration using a Web browser.

The browser interface is nicely laid out and includes dummy options for configuring the unit for the first time. I quickly created two VLANs, and assigned computers and IP telephones to them. Adtran has made everything about configuring the ports easy. Instead of setting configurations for each port individually, you select specific ports, or all ports at once, and then configure a template line. When you click Apply, the template line configuration is applied to all selected ports.

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