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Adobe Photoshop Online Faces Disinterest From Photo Pros

Adobe is planning to offer Photoshop as an ad-supported online service. Adobe won't say when, but reports suggest it may happen within six months.

"Like any forward-looking software business Adobe is looking at new ways to deliver its technology to the market," said a company spokesperson. "Hosted editions of our award-winning digital imaging and digital video technology are an obvious place to start."

Adobe recently announced a partnership with online photo sharing site Photobucket that involves plans to integrate Adobe's Web-based video editing and remixing technology with Photobucket.

But given the speed at which Google, Microsoft and other companies are moving to develop software-as-a-service, Adobe clearly has to ramp up its efforts to expand, if not transition, its lucrative shrink-wrapped software business online.

An online version of Photoshop should appeal to the average consumer, much as does Google's Picasa or other online photo services. But professional photographers -- the major users of Photoshop -- may not be won over so easily.

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