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Acquisition of the Week: BEA and Fuego BPM

BEA announced this week that it had acquired BPM vendor Fuego for $87.5 million in cash.
Some media sources, not to name names, are saying that BEA plans to integrate Fuego's BPM technology into its SOA stack.

Ahem. It already is, guys. BEA's AquaLogic Interaction Process (ALIP) 1.5 clearly takes advantage of Fuego's technology. Even just a quick look at a few screen shots of its design palatte clearly shows the presence of Fuego's technology. BEA has confirmed this, so the acquisition should really be no surprise. There's no need to wait for BEA to take advantage of Fuego's technology, it already has.

This acquisition means BEA will be able to move forward and integrate the product and its functionality even more tightly into its SOA stack. Fuego took our Editor's Choice award in our last BPM Review and we believe that BEA made a good choice in both partnering and then acquiring the company to beef up its SOA offering. The acquisition and release of ALIP 1.5 finally round out BEA's SOA suite. The only piece missing now is a management/security solution...hmmm...

Fuego is the second major acquisition for BEA in the last few months. It beefed up its SOA stack and portal offerings with its acquisition of Plumtree in December 2005.