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7 Storage Experts You Must Follow

  • The storage technology industry boasts many engaged, insightful experts who are constantly observing and dissecting the latest developments. These days, innovation in storage is rife, and blogs and Twitter are often the best way to keep abreast of what’s new. The thoughtful commentary you’ll find can help call out what’s real and what’s marketing fluff in the world of software-defined storage, hyperconverged infrastructure, in-memory processing, flash storage and much more.

    Here, we’ve chosen the seven bloggers you should pay attention to for the latest commentary on storage industry news and technology. In this group, you’ll find discussion on what vendors are up to, with debate on topics such as whether a certain established vendor will be able to survive in a quickly maturing storage and cloud market.

    These experts also delve deeply into storage technology, writing about trends like hyperconvergence, cloud backups, software-defined storage and object-oriented storage. Blog posts also address new twists such as memory channel storage, non-volatile memory and 3D flash storage. These experts (listed alphabetically) are covering and commenting on the market as fast as vendors and users are moving it forward.

    (Image: cnythzl/iStock)

  • Stephen Foskett


    Stephen Fosketts Pack Rat blog offers timely opinions on lots of storage-related topics, including 10Gb (and beyond) Ethernet, consumer flash drives, performance benchmarking and many more. Foskett founded Tech Field Day and its Storage Field Day spinoff, and also tweets regularly about storage news and events.

  • Robin Harris


    Author and consultant Robin Harris speaks his mind on current storage trends and where theyll lead down the road on his StorageMojo blog, touching on technical topics such as NAND flash and non-volatile memory as well as storage vendor moves. He also offers on-point commentary on his Twitter feed.

  • Cormac Hogan


    Blogger Cormac Hogan works for VMware, so his blog contains plenty of detail about the inner technical workings of VSAN, VMwares software-defined storage offering. Its a useful resource for any VSAN users, and Hogan also comments on some broader industry news, including storage startup vendors.

  • Howard Marks


    Readers can count on industry veteran Howard Marks for straightforward commentary (plus a little attitude) on storage vendor news, based on his years of experience and independent lab testing. We like to think that Howard is best known for his hundreds of contributions here at Network Computing. If that's not enough for you, he also posts blog updates at and co-hosts the GreyBeards on Storage blog and podcast with Ray Lucchesi. In person, you can see Howard speaking frequently at various events.

  • Curtis Preston


    You likely know Curtis Preston by his industry moniker of Mr. Backup, and youll find a treasure trove of storage backup knowledge on his site. Theres a semi-regular blog, assorted videos and active user forums. Theres also a good chance that one of Prestons Truth in IT seminars is coming to a city near you.

  • Greg Schulz


    Greg Schulz packs plenty of storage technology tidbits into his monthly Server StorageIO newsletter, including notes on intriguing new vendors in the market. Schulzs regular blog also examines key industry announcements, such as his recent look at Intel and Microns non-volatile memory release. There are also hands-on testing results. In addition, Schulz contributes regularly to Network Computing and serves as the Storage Track Chair for Interop Las Vegas.

  • Jon Toigo


    Outspoken storage industry expert Jon Toigo blogs at about industry news and events, and takes aim at analyst reports, marketing speak and VMworld. His perspective offers readers direct commentary on vendor pronouncements and the future of the storage market. Toigo also tweets and speaks regularly at conferences.