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2004 Product of the Year: Symon Enterprise Server

2004 brought a lot to celebrate. After years of companies hawking the latest and greatest (and often most expensive) features that technology has to offer, 2004 has brought the focus back to one of the most important assets of every call center: the agents.

More and more executives and managers are realizing how important it is to arm agents with the proper skills and tools they need to solve problems, satisfy customers and, in some cases, generate revenue.

The market is finally putting its money where its mouth is, as some of the top products of 2004 are all about empowering agents to take control of customer relationships. These are real tools that let agents develop career-worthy skills and put their knowledge to best use. After all, what good is the best technology if you don't have the best people with the proper knowledge to use it?

Some of these technologies enhance training, add coaching and measure skills like The Call Center School's computer-based training software, Employment Technologies' software for evaluating agents' written bilingual skills, and quality assurance software from Verint. Other products, such as software from Instranet, KnowledgeBase Solutions, TigerPaw Software and Symon, focus on organizing information and helping agents manage and maneuver through the vast knowledge of your company. There's even an innovative speech rec product from TuVox that's helping to bridge the gap between live and automated customer service.

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