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10 Ways To Get Noticed On Pinterest

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10 Twitter Power Tips

Increasing numbers of individuals and organizations are trying out Pinterest, but not all of them are doing a good job of it.

I spoke with Daniel Maloney, CEO and co-founder of Pinterest marketing and analytics firm PinLeague, about the ways that companies are -- and are not -- effectively leveraging the visually oriented social platform. Here are 10 tips for getting noticed on Pinterest, from simple tips and tricks to more advanced strategies.

1. Experiment.

Maloney said it is early days for Pinterest, adding that it is still a couple of years away from mainstream adoption. However, he said, an increasing number of businesses are establishing a presence on the social network and are at least experimenting with what works for their brand.

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Although we are seeing some general best practices for Pinterest, because it is relatively new there is still a lot we don't know. Companies should try new kinds of content and new methods of engagement, carefully observing and tracking what gets traction and what tends to die on the vine.

2. Go Bold.

Pinterest is all about visuals, and the use of richer, brighter colors will make your pins stand out from among the hundreds they will be competing with.

3. Consider Image Orientation.

Pinterest is oriented vertically, so it's best to make sure your images are, too. Maloney said he has seen some organizations experimenting with the use of images that are taller than normal, so that they will take up more real estate on the site. He cautions users, however, to make sure that the Pin It button is always easily visible (and hence clickable).

4. Don't Neglect Cover Photos.

When it comes to profiles, whether for individuals or brands, the cover photo is important, said Maloney. Eye-tracking studies have shown that "when people hit your profile, their eyes are immediately drawn to color photos on the first row," he said. "That will entice someone to click and engage more deeply."

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