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10 Tips For Protecting Sensitive Enterprise Data

As legislation to provide a national law to protect identity and data moves forward in the U.S. legislature, systems managers will find that they are increasingly being held responsible if a company’s data systems are compromised, according to security experts following legal and technology developments.

“Legislation is creating a new model; people are being held more accountable,” says Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager of CA’s security management business

Weiss and other security experts recommend these top 10 data/identity protection factors for systems managers:

1. Strong controls: Systems managers must have strong security controls. Everyone in the IT department has to be involved. Companies need to protect their financial data and the identities of their customers and their business partners. The role of the systems manager is to protect against any identity theft.

The first step in doing this, several experts agree, is to have company policies and procedures in place. While this will likely come from management above systems managers, they should still have input in the policies and procedures to recommend additional precautions that may not be in the initial rules, according to Scott Laliberte, a director specializing in information security systems for Protiviti, Menlo Park, Calif.

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