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A 10-Minute Guide to Deploying VoIP

IP telephony, on the other hand, is a quite a bit more complicated. Disasters can happen and although Pierce points out that VoIP deployments are frequently fraught with peril, it doesn't necessarily have to be that bad. In fact, you can take your first steps toward a successful voice over IP (VoIP) deployment in only ten minutes.

The first step is to make a like a grade school kid and do your homework. "You can never do too much homework." Pierce says. "The most important thing to ask is how are you going to manage this thing? A lot of people have a nice wedding, but how many have a nice marriage? People aren't thinking about what happens after the deployment."

What happens afterwards will ultimately determine whether the VoIP deployment is a success or failure. "You really have to start with a simple question," Pierce says. "What problem are you trying to solve? If you can't give an answer, then you should probably wait. We all know that this is where the technology is going, but 45% of enterprises see no reason to do it at all right now."

While it is important to stay abreast of technological changes and innovations, it's equally important to know what the VoIP can, and can't do for you. It might be the technology du jour, and it might look like everyone is doing it, but that's not reason to do it yourself, unless VoIP is what your organization needs.

If it is, the next step is to do a full network inventory. You can't decide what you need until you know what you have, and too few organizations, says Pierce, actually know what they have. Not only should an inventory count routers and switches, but Pierce says that it should include an assessment of how much traffic is carried on-net and how much is carried off-net, bearing in mind, she says, that "on-net PSTN (public switched telephone network) minutes are the cheapest thing on God's green earth."

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