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November 16, 2006

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11:30 AM -- A couple of weeks ago, I asked the readers of Dark Reading to do their best impressions of Ernest Hemingway, who once wrote a short story in just six words. I asked you to tell me a story about IT security in as few words as possible, and I promised to post the best entries in my blog.

Well, several of you pulled the bottle of scotch out of your desks, grew gray beards, and wrote stories that would've made ol' Ernest proud. So here, without further adieu, are the Hemingways for IT security short stories.

The winners for shortest story length:

  • "What firewall?" --rjf19

  • "Click. Crash. Weep." --iamnowonmai

  • "CSO will work for food." --A_l_a_n

The Hemingway for the most enthralling entries -- and most entries overall -- goes to our old PR friend Aline Kaplan. Aline's entries:

  • " 'That'll show them,' said Fred. He hit SEND."

  • "'Policy? What policy? They won't know I'm downloading movies.'"

  • "'Honey, we're rich! Millions from Nigeria!'"

  • "While cleaning the customer database, Pete went to Starbuck's."

  • "'His laptop's in the trunk. Hand me the crowbar.'"

Aside from these standouts, there were several others worthy of a Hemingway:

  • "Disgruntled, she had a thumb drive." --chutla

  • "For want of a capuccino, the laptop was lost." --fpowell

  • "Just for testing; we'll fix later." --csh

  • "I only surf SAFE Web sites." --myname

  • "CIO: 'Wipe these drives.' Too late -- one was missing." --freejack13

We had planned to collect all of these stories and publish them in a hardback edition, but we couldn't find a printer who knew how to bind a single page to a book jacket. Maybe we'll just have the thing laminated and put it up on the door of the local library.

Thanks for playing. We'll have another contest for you in the not-too-distant future.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading

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