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The Security Missing From 5G

There's a lot of excitement over how the upcoming 5G network will offer super-fast speeds and virtually no latency to everyone using it.

Businesses are particularly hopeful that the greater capacity 5G offers will let them reliably use more bandwidth-intensive apps simultaneously. The increased potential of the network will also likely facilitate better product development and more productive processes.

However, in their eagerness to adopt the service, individuals and businesses must not overlook security concerns. 

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Researchers found issues with the 5G communication standards

A team of researchers discovered issues with the 5G security protocol, known as Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA). They uncovered the shortcomings when using Tamarin, a tool considered among the most effective options for examining cryptographic protocols. The AKA is a standard associated with a communications protocol organization called the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

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