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Securent announces support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

October 16, 2007

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Securent, Inc., a leader in Entitlement Management, today announced support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, helping organizations secure sensitive communications with ease and precision. Office Communications Server 2007 uses the power of software to help streamline communications between people and organizations, regardless of medium, platform, device, or location to fundamentally change the way organizations communicate and collaborate.

Securent EMST delivers policy-based, fine-grained control and visibility to Office Communications Server 2007 while empowering security teams, enterprise compliance teams, LoB administrators, and end users to control which parties are allowed to communicate with each other over the rich modes of communication enabled by Office Communications Server 2007.

Securent Entitlement Management Solution (EMS) allows organizations that implement Office Communications Server 2007 to manage, enforce, and audit access control policies that dictate how various constituents within the enterprise connect and communicate. Securent's out-of-the-box solution is logically separated from Office Communications Server 2007 allowing security administrators and risk managers to define and manage security policies separately from the normal operational management of Office Communications Server 2007. This allows organizations to implement many powerful types of policies. The following are a list of examples:

  • Only executives are allowed onto a web/audio conference wherechanges to management benefit packages are being debated;

  • Segregation of Duties policies are uniformly implemented andenforced across Instant Messaging (IM), chat rooms, telephone calls, and audio and web conferences;

  • Customer calls are routed to an appropriate customer servicerepresentative (CSR) based on the customer's stated preferences regarding language preference, location, seniority, etc.

Administrators that deploy Securent EMS with Office Communications Server2007 have fine-grained authorization and centralized visibility that help meet enterprises' security, compliance, and risk management mandates. This is further enhanced through Securent EMS' existing compatibilities with other Microsoft technologies including .NET, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and Microsoft SQL Server. Taken together, these capabilities ensure that the robust policy-based security layer provided by Securent EMS is consistently and comprehensively applied across Office Communications Server 2007 and the rest of the organization's IT infrastructure.

"With the emergence of unified communications, organizations will capitalize on greater management and operational advantages. Securent is supporting these environments by providing the security framework that protects informational assets against corruption and loss," said Ranjeet Vidwans, VP of Business Development for Securent. "When deployed with Office Communications Server 2007, Securent EMS manages, enforces and audits user access with fine-grained control that is centrally managed to further augment efficiency."


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