Top 11 Inventions in 2003

Another year, another Top 11. We asked our readers to give us their Top 11 inventions in 2003.

January 16, 2004

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John Jamerson: The long awaited cure for "Plumber's Crack": Crack Spackle at Duluth Trading Company.

jeff meadows: A new WiFi access point - on board the Space Station. Now thats a WAN.
The all in one cell phone/pda/coffee maker and dv camcorder.
USB XM radio reciever. Just think, all the mp3's you can record for $5 a month without getting sued by the RIAA.

Pierre Beaulieu : Paperless Toilet

Applying the Venturi physical principle to the unique design of the Handsfree Toilet (pending patent) bring us the paperless concept.

Beta tester already enjoyed the new product with a fresh and clean feeling they never experimented before.
However, we suspect that users may become obsessive and become toilet aholic!
All yours to experiment.

Lance Johnson : Cisco and Charmin collaboration: Wireless Toilet Paper w/Packet Filtering.

Robert Charland : STARchive - an on-demand call recording feature on your telephone (PBX, residential or mobile) that automatically records the call you are on and emails the recorded .wav file to your email address upon call completion.

Steven Barron Grafing : Larry Ellison's Magic Fu Generator. Includes free network computing device.

The Segue Human Dignity Restorer. For those poor folks that fell flat on their faces when the battery gave out...
iPod DorkSlap? Add-On. Leaves an apple-shaped welt on anyone not "hip" enough to have one.
PimpHand 2.0
The Incredible Edible Keyboard?

Steve McKenzie : The "ANY" Key keyboard insert.

Bob Mariotti : A new SCSI device that creates JOBS for computer programmers!

Kezia Jauron : Animatronic Dick Gephardt! So lifelike, you'll be amazed it's not real. Speaks 14 different catchphrases. Runs on ten D batteries (not included).

Bill Ward

: Lite-Brite brand LCD Monitor.

Nokia N-Gage (no punchline required if you have one).

HDTV. Really. This is the year. I'm not making this up.

Pat Brown : Micorsoft Office 2003....Oh yes. Get the Bug patch first!!

John-David Hughes : Any of these seem to merit consideration:Windows XP in any form; Preferably still shrink-wrapped!
SCO's 'welfare for lawyers' program.
FBI successful and dedicated efforts to stop computer cracking crimes.
Bill Gate's Security Epiphany at Comdex.
Linux improvements allowing ease of use by anyone.
Anything from Apple Computers.

norman green : Fire and Ice Grill, i proudly own one

Jim Nyeholt : When I finish watching a DVD, I don't like the fact that I have to sit there and wait while it rewinds. I have a separate rewind unit for my VCR, but why isn't there one for my DVD player?

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