The "Case Mod" Squad

Another issue, another Last Mile. We asked you for your reasons to perform a "case mod" on your corporate mail server. The Top 11 that tickled our funny bones went to print. But we still wanted to share the rest...

August 19, 2003

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Another issue, another Last Mile. We asked you for your reasons to perform a "case mod" on your corporate mail server. The Top 11 that tickled our funny bones went to print. But we still wanted to share the rest with you all.

  • Our mail server works so much faster in its new hot pink and hot purplecabinet. If only housekeeping would fix the curtains now. - Bob Ledford

  • The HAL-9000 case was a steal on E-Bay - Will Wilcox

  • Give that new Mac server a run for its looks - J.W. Breeden

  • Integrate a refrigerator: it can now exchange mail AND Mountain Dew - J.W. Breeden

  • Adding a Mailslot to the front so our e-mail challenged IT director cansend his mail. (it's easier and more cost efficient for us to scan itmanually than all of the help desk time.) - Taylor

  • Employees just aren't going to put something with the corporate logocut into the side in their living room - Dave Baldwin

  • The water cooled CPUs helps put out flaming e-mails - Tom Peterson

  • The neon lights in the case make it easier to find those missinge-mails - Tom Peterson

  • Need to add extra fans to allow the overclocked server to handle theextra SPAM filtering load. - William Ward

  • Plain gray boxes lack Feng Shui. - William Ward

  • Needed to repaint the case anyway after the last server motherboardcaught fire. - William Ward

  • Server room AC capacity: 62,000 BTU. Server room heat output: 76,500BTU. Budget for new AC system: $0. Your server's PRIV.EDB? Priceless. - Mark Jass

  • Clear side panel makes it easier to look for viruses. - Steven Lee

  • Watercooling system doubles as handy beer fridge - Graham Dunn

  • Plexiglass sides allow you to justify storage upgrade by peering insidecase, saying "oh, yeah, that drive's almost full". - Graham Dunn

  • The blue neon contrasts nicely with the red glow coming from your P4 asExchange chugs through the 14,000th "Penis enlargment" spam that day. - Graham Dunn

  • Beige is just too depressing; it will perform much better once we add alittle color - Brice Womack

  • The art deco look satisfies the architects design requirements - JohnLaBella

  • You need the case window cutouts so that you can see when you need toempty the spam filter - Tox Gunn

  • A mini nuclear reactor would eliminate the need for local power and aUPS battery backup. - Cindy Byers

  • If it doesn't look like a server the hackers will leave it alone - SteveBostedor

  • To hide the fact that we're using an out of date PC as a mail server - Steve Bostedor

  • Server looks like Cylon commander in Sci-Fi channel's new version ofBattlestar Galactica - Darin M. Bush

  • Good excuse to pull off those blasted "Windows compatible" stickers - Darin M. Bush

  • Good release for closet iMac fans - Darin M. Bush

  • Easier to color coordinate vendor golf shirts with green circuit boardthan beige case - Darin M. Bush

  • Major plot component of the third "Fast and Furious" movie - Darin M. Bush

  • Case Mod = Babe Magnet - Darin M. Bush

  • Mood lighting with neon makes the server room a great place to pick upsmart chicks - Brian Meehan

  • With enough case fans, you never have to do the hated chore of dusting - Brian Meehan

  • It's a proven fact that water-cooled systems run faster. Now you candeliver email in .5 seconds instead of .7 seconds! - Brian Meehan

  • Hopefully the mailbox shape will clue junior admins which one is themail server... - Greg Minch

  • Processor cannot see RAID array requiring internal lighting. SystemAdmins cannot see if the light is on without a Window. - Tom Gleason

  • Exchange 5.5 like nothing better than to have a few holes punchedthrough its tower. For real fun, don't power it off while doing theMOD. - Karl VandenBoom

  • Need watercooling to handle steady flow of problem reports to thehelpdesk - Khis Coffey

  • Those five air conditioners sure beat blowing on it all day long - BobMiller

  • Using an aquarium with a water cooling rig gives you something to watchduring those late night restores - Barry T. Drake

  • Dust bunnies appreciate the clear plastic skylights - Robert Callahan

  • Convenient "toaster-oven" door allows easy access to grilled cheesesandwiches on CPU heat sinks - Robert callahan

  • The glowing green radiation symbol will make "non-tech savvy" usersthink the network is nuclear powered - Jeff Breckon

  • The green-camouflage paint job reminds you that it's also a dedicated64-multiplayer game server - Kraig DeMatteis

  • Putting a viewablewindow with a hamster in wheel will really make people wonder how yourpowering the system. - Alan Koebrick

  • It just looks better with a tunnel-ram! - Larry Battis

  • Liquid Helium allows my users to spread their viruses much faster - Sandra Broderick

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