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Roving reporters capture memorable moments at the fall tradeshow

October 20, 2007

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Another October, another fall tradeshow under our belts. As we return to the desk after a week at the Storage Networking World show in Dallas, we reflect on some of the non-technical highlights of this trip.

For one thing, the show wasn't actually in Dallas. It was in Grapevine, a small, historic (read: old) community that apparently exists somewhere outside the boundaries of the Gaylord Texan resort, where most attendees were incarcerated for the four-day event. Check it out:

Figure 1: SNW digs: The Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas

Not to grouse: This place was truly Vegas-worthy, complete with phony river. All that was missing was the casino -- I think. (You never know what may be happening behind the spa.) Still, the Gaylord has something the Luxor can't boast (any resemblance to Dan Warmenhoven is strictly coincidental):

Figure 2: "Y'all don't jump that fence at me, hear?"

Figure 3: "Like I said..."

Just in case we forgot we were in Texas, reminders were prominently posted, particularly on the way to the Fitness Center:

Figure 4:

In the press room, we encountered one of the highlights of this SNW: A all-out turf war between this event's promoters and various PR folk representing multiple non-exhibiting vendors. We'll spare you the details, but the upshot was a cordoned-off press meeting room where SNW's very own Hoss stood guard:

Figure 5: Thank goodness for the Gaylord's "no weapons" policy.
At least, we think it holds in this part of the convo center.

That guy was intimidating, so it was back for a break beside friendlier beasties:Figure 6: A respite from the press room badge police

In fact, we found at least one Gaylord spot a whole lot warmer than the press room (in more ways than one):

Figure 7: Now, this is definitely a cut above that press room!

Time for lunch, served boothside:

Figure 8: "Er, that's NOT a wrap, it's a napkin!"

Speaking of the show floor, it was, well... Here are a couple of the more compelling displays. Hint: There's a "going green" theme at each one. You could miss it if you're not alert:

Figure 9:

Figure 10: IBM and HP are "green." Get it?

But the most intriguing booth of all was the inimitable Iron Mountain's, where strange fancies were incarnate in a surreal installation with a hint of the macabre:

Figure 11: "OK, who here said we lost those student tapes?"

We'd like to think this particularly enlivening storage industry event upstaged at least one other confab going on in the same venue. We can't be sure, though, 'til we see the stats:

Figure 12: "Maybe their press room is available?!"

See you at the next 'un!

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