Reconnex Launches Profiler

Reconnex appliance helps organizations learn about data loss risks

February 27, 2008

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Reconnex, the leader in data loss prevention appliances, today introduced its Data Loss Profiler, a turnkey appliance that enables enterprise security personnel to learn what confidential and sensitive data is leaving the network and where it is going. Minutes after connecting the Data Loss Profiler to the network, organizations have an index of all content leaving the network and can query the index to learn what information is being communicated and to whom. The results of these queries provide the basis for creating procedures and policies to protect valuable data assets or to investigate specific data losses. While the Data Loss Profiler is optimized to work in Reconnex DLP solutions, its learning capabilities also add value to legacy DLP products that have no inherent ability to use an organization's actual traffic to determine policies and rules for protecting against data loss.

The Reconnex Data Loss Profiler offers a number of key features and benefits to organizations looking to extend protection to sensitive business information:

  • The appliance automatically -- and constantly -- indexes and classifies all content leaving the network, not just known content covered by existing policies

  • Users do not need to know in advance which information is sensitive -- the Data Loss Profiler automatically learns data loss patterns directly from network interactions

  • Customers can query the content index to learn if it contains sensitive information and where this information is going

  • Understanding data risks enables organizations to determine if they need a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution and helps them create best- practice policies for securing sensitive data

Legacy DLP products typically assume that an organization's business processes and policies are clear and known to everyone, and will search for fixed-format data, such as credit card or Social Security numbers, that are subject to these processes and policies. Content that does not match existing rules and formats -- even if it is crucial to the organization -- is discarded. The Data Loss Profiler indexes all content and context, rather than relying on existing policies and processes when it searches for information, thus providing the most thorough search of content crossing the network. The query and search capabilities of the Data Loss Profiler can show the completeness and accuracy of current rules and policies in preventing data loss, so that security personnel can make the appropriate adjustments to protect corporate IT.

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