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Mimosa Systems and RenewData team up to bring best-in-class email archiving and eDiscovery solutions to customers

February 5, 2008

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. and AUSTIN, Texas -- Mimosa Systems, a leading provider of live content archiving solutions, and RenewData®, a leading provider of eDiscovery and electronically stored information risk management (ESIRM™) services, have formed a partnership to address growing organizational demand for a proactive and comprehensive approach to litigation readiness regarding Electronically Stored Information (ESI). The partnership of Mimosa and RenewData combines Mimosa’s powerful next-generation archiving and eDiscovery technology with RenewData’s strong portfolio of eDiscovery and ESIRM services. Together, the companies will focus on delivering practical, cost effective offerings for the proactive collection, processing, review and management of ESI.

According to Brian Babineau, an analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research and consulting firm, “one of the top reasons companies archive their e-mail is because they have to -- due to compliance and legal mandates. Our firm estimates that of the electronic-discovery requests over the past 12 months, 80 percent of them involved e-mail.” Mimosa Systems and RenewData are bringing solutions that consolidate historical and real time ESI archival to reduce the cost and risk caused by reactive discovery requests targeting ESI.

Organizations are beginning to implement sound archival strategies to address these issues. But the seemingly endless data on backup tapes, employee workstations and removable media pose a huge headache for companies that are likely to face litigation or audits, or that are struggling to meet compliance regulations. Meeting the challenges of eDiscovery in a reactive fashion compresses timelines and therefore dramatically increases costs and risk of errors. Companies instead are recognizing the need to consolidate all ESI in repositories that can be managed by retention policies, and searched and accessed for discovery purposes as needed.

Through their partnership, Mimosa and RenewData are providing industry leading products and services that enable companies to proactively prepare for the likelihood of eDiscovery. RenewData delivers ESIRM, a comprehensive solution to identify and collect historical ESI on a variety of media types and to convert that data to formats that are easily ingested into the Mimosa NearPoint Archive for easier, lower cost discovery processes. Mimosa NearPointTM provides award-winning, archiving of on-line Exchange-based data. This cost-effective and robust approach to performing eDiscovery searches, implementing retention policies, improving Exchange server manageability, and providing data protection for business continuity allows organizations to focus on revenue generating business activities.

“Our partnership with RenewData will enable us to provide customers with migration services that help them effectively prepare for eDiscovery by allowing them to migrate large amounts of data from backup tapes and legacy data formats to the NearPoint Archive making that data faster and more cost effective to discover,” said T.M. Ravi, CEO of Mimosa Systems. “We look forward to working with RenewData, which has a deserved reputation as a leading provider of eDiscovery and ESIRM services to many of the nation's largest law firms and corporations."Mimosa Systems Inc.

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