LTU Unveils Image-Seeker 7.0

LTU Technologies announced the release of a new version of its software that analyzes images and video content in real-time

April 17, 2007

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WASHINGTON -- LTU Technologies, the global leader in image search and recognition solutions, announced today the release of a new version of its software that analyzes images and video content in real-time, for the purpose of protecting against pornography and unauthorized use of intellectual property. Image-Seeker™ 7.0 expands capabilities for video filtering, as well as increased processing speed throughout the platform.

LTU Image-Seeker™ provides comprehensive search and retrieval software for visual assets. It fills the gap that results from using offerings that search images using text alone, the effectiveness of which rely on accurate and unambiguous file naming and user tagging. However, most images are not accurately named or properly tagged, requiring user intervention for a good portion of images, leaving these products inadequate for searching large volumes of data. By contrast, Image-Seeker performs automated advanced image analysis to produce an "Image DNA", or unique descriptor that indexes images by their visual content and identifies. Image DNAs can be used to determine whether an image exhibits visual characteristics that make it likely to be non-permissible or critical to be reviewed – such as Porn or Copyright material. Image-Seeker™ has been implemented with in organizations with large volumes of strategic visual data as well as integrated with knowledge management and media asset management solutions. Likewise, LTU Image-Seeker™ for EnCase® which includes integration with Guidance Software’s EnCase® software, the worldwide industry standard platform among the computer forensic community has recently been updated. LTU’s patented image analysis tools are applied to image files detected by EnCase® found on seized hard drives or areas of interest on given network servers. Ultimately, authorities can conduct rapid image comparisons rapidly at point of data collection in the field – enabling discovery of images that may serve as relevant evidence in ongoing investigations.

LTU Technologies offers Image-Filter™, leveraging the same core Image DNA technology but tailored toward identifying specified types of content (Porn, Copyright Material, etc) in real-time. Image-Filter™ is being used by customers to prevent the transfer of offensive or copyright material to and from networks or specific websites. Image-Filter™ has found particular functionality in Web 2.0 or User-generated content web applications. With Image-Filter™, flagging the use of copyrighted images, or assuring that other visual intellectual property is never transmitted outside an organization is made possible. Likewise, Image-Filter™ has successfully been integrated with leading enterprise content filtering and email attachment monitoring software to add enhanced protection against non-permissible material sharing.

“As the use of images on the Internet continues to rise, especially video, being able to quickly search large amounts of visual content without key words is becoming important to nearly every sector, from law enforcement to media to healthcare,” said Geoffrey Bock, analyst with the Gilbane Group. “Traditional businesses are increasingly realizing that they must be aware of all the places where content may reside and potentially be shared. The core technology and approach used by LTU shows promise as a means of increasing value and mitigating risks for both on-line communities and large enterprises.”

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