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Alacritech speeds up forensic analysis for Vestige

November 14, 2007

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Alacritech Inc., the leader of innovative data-delivery technology, announced today that Vestige, a leading provider of computer forensic and electronic discovery services for civil litigation, law enforcement, criminal proceedings and corporate policy, has selected Alacritechs Scalable Network Accelerators (SNAs) to quickly access its data, scale its storage network for its clients to allow faster transfers of large, read-intensive data sets and analyze data from multiple cases simultaneously.

“Our forensic analysts needed to have the ability to work on several cases in parallel as well as spread their workloads of large cases across multiple workstations,” said Greg Kelley, chief technology officer, Vestige. “We’re always on the lookout for the most innovative technologies, and Alacritech’s SNAs ensure that our analysts have seamless and quick access to critical information. And, because of Alacritech’s commitment to large data intensive environments such as ours, we know they have our future interests in mind.”

Continually seeking ways to implement best-practices in IT and to provide stellar performance, Vestige achieved both. With Alacritech, Vestige now has the ability to quickly test and analyze large amounts of data from multiple origins and differing data-types. In one instance the system supported, without fault, the analysis of more than 10TB of data from multiple servers with multiple analysts having simultaneous data access. Currently Vestige uses Alacritech SNAs in their systems to both accelerate network throughput and offload its workstation CPUs. During a time when the company has realized a doubling of revenue and increased case-load, maintaining high data availability for its employees and hundreds of client attorneys has been a top priority and Alacritech SNAs have helped make this possible. Improvements have also enhanced Vestiges’ forensic experts’ productivity and overall return on investment.

“Our new iSCSI storage network is simple. Simple to deploy. Simple to scale. Simple to manage. And now, it’s really fast thanks to Alacritech,” Kelley said.

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