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Data turkeys - we salute you

November 19, 2005

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Do you see yourself as a Data Turkey? If the answer to this rather bizarre question is yes, then disaster recovery specialist EVault Inc. wants to hear from you. You may even find yourself taking part in the first ever (cue drum roll) Data Turkey Awards. (See EVault Seeks Survivors .)

If you think this sounds like Storagelands version of the Darwin Awards then think again (well, sort of). According to EVault, the awards are: “to honor business professionals who have lived through a data loss, or whose actions and quick thinking have helped to avert a data disaster.”

The awards, according to EVault’s CEO Phil Gilmour, “honor the unsung heroes throughout corporate America who have been there, done that, survived and emerged much wiser.”

Just to clarify – he is talking about data protection.

Would you believe, though, that there are categories for both “Most Spectacular Data Recovery” and “Most Disastrous Data Loss?”I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated to see how many IT managers actually managed to hold onto their jobs after said data loss.

Now that would deserve an award.

— James Rogers, Senior Editor, Byte and Switch

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