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Netintelligence Controls Content

LONDON -- A revolutionary new piece of mobile phone software which can give parents control over what photographs and videos their children can download to their handsets is being launched by a Glasgow-based web security firm.

Netintelligence, which last year won a UK industry award for its web monitoring and paedophile alert ‘Safekeeper’ software, has created Netintelligence Mobile – a world-first handset-based programme allowing parents to set detailed parameters on their children’s phone use.

Mobile phone file sharing hit the headlines last week after Hawick High School head teacher Alan Williamson was the victim of a happy slap assault; the previous week a young footballer appeared in court after filming and distributing mobile phone footage of a 14-year-old having sex at a party.

Phil Worms, director of products and marketing at Netintelligence, said: “We’re at a stage now where mobile phones are edging ever closer to mobile PCs – the capacity to record information of various media then disseminate it becomes greater with every new handset on the market. We need to exert the same levels of protection and control over mobile phones as we do over computers.”

“It’s just a fact that as mobile phone technology becomes more sophisticated people will abuse it, which is why it’s so important – as these recent cases have shown – that parents are able to protect their kids from threats which are now present via mobile phones.”

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