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Nayatek Names Chairman

MADRID, Spain -- NAYATEK, global provider of enterprise Compliance and Security solutions today announced that it had named Marc A Olson as CEO and Chairman and is effective immediately.

NAYATEK was founded in 2007 as the next genesis and continuation of the vision, energy and direction of the core international leadership team who previously built, grew and drove Sybari Software to be a recognized global best of breed and innovative company until its acquisition by Microsoft
(MSFT) in June 2005. NAYATEK brings substantial Messaging Security, Management and Archiving product and market development expertise to its drive to develop cutting edge solutions and dedication to strong client relationships and satisfaction.

NAYATEK is a global provider of enterprise Compliance and Security solutions designed to specifically assist organizations to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of their messaging and electronic document resources.
"I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead such a talented team and to drive forward the Nayatek vision of developing next generation Security & Compliance solutions. Nayatek's solutions are outstanding and provide compelling value to clients as they work to address their requirements to maintain objectively verifiable, robust procedures to protect the security, integrity and privacy of their business information and IT assets."said Olson.