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Microsoft's Smartphone Struggles | Does Fed CIO Have The Chops?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Friday, August 5, 2011
The New Federal CIO: A Closer Look
By John Foley
Vivek Kundra's successor, Steven VanRoekel, logged time at the FCC and Microsoft and is known to be an innovator. But he's never been a CIO.
Between The Lines Columnist

Microsoft Vet Replacing Kundra As Federal CIO
Kundra Had Vision, Next Federal CIO Needs Speed

Windows Phone 7 Down 38% Since Launch
Microsoft's smartphone platform may be irrelevant before Mango update and Nokia devices arrive.

HP Cuts TouchPad Price A Month After Launch
Will deep discounts spur sales, or do they signal doom for the relatively new tablet?

iPad Credit Card Reader Hacked As Skimmer
The Square reader for iPhone and iPad converts credit card numbers into plain audio, enabling criminals to convert stolen cards into cash.

10 Keys To Mobile Banking Success
Experts in mobile banking offer 10 best practices every bank should consider when building out second-generation mobile services.

Microsoft Offers Prize Money For Enhancing Windows Security
BlueHat Prize contest focused on new ways to defend against memory-safety exploits.

Wardriving Evolves Into Warflying
Researchers release specs for a DIY radio-controlled plane that hacks systems by air.

Zynga Co-Founder Joins New Team
KIXEYE is the yin to Zynga's yang, as social games explode.

Apple OS X Vulnerability: Advanced Persistent Attacks
Macs are even easier to exploit than Windows via advanced persistent threats, warn security researchers.

I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it. -- Dwight D. Eisenhower


Zynga Co-Founder Joins New Team
Apple OS X Vulnerability: Advanced Persistent Attacks
Design On A Dime: Upgrading Storage
Tips to Improve Service Quality and IT Operations
10 Essential Google+ Tips
Building Efficient Storage Solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises
InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed

Posted By ANON12378:
"What about all the Android manufacturers that went into licensing fee deals with Microsoft without a fight BEFORE they bought the patents from Novell. Google is nothing but a bunch of cry baby morons."
In reply to: Microsoft Fires Back At Google Patent Claims
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Posted By TJACKMAN000:
"The new CIO must take a closer look at the full range of solutions available to agencies for data storage and not be blinded by the Cloud, however fashionable it may be. "
In reply to: Microsoft Vet Replacing Kundra As Federal CIO
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Beware SQL Injections: Knowing how attackers find and exploit these vulnerabilities can help you defend against them.

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Design On A Dime: Upgrading Storage
The economies of storage networking have changed dramatically, especially in the options available for small and midsize enterprises. We analyze SME responses to our 2011 State of Enterprise Storage Survey and discuss which techs will best serve these businesses.
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Cloud Security: Understand The Risks Before You Make The Move
Security concerns give many companies pause as they consider migrating portions of their IT operations to cloud-based services. But you can stay safe in the cloud. In this Dark Reading Tech Center report, we explain the risks and guide you in setting appropriate cloud security policies, processes and controls.
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Featured Report


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Tips to Improve Service Quality and IT Operations
Traditionally IT worked in a break-fix mode within operational silos, instead of looking holistically at all of the IT components that deliver a complete business service. Evolving to the next level of IT effectiveness requires a new level of integration and analysis of cross-silo management information. Discover how a holistic approach to IT management can benefit your organization.
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A Hitchhiker's Guide To Process-Driven Business Transformation And Application Delivery
Business process professionals and application delivery professionals must share a common approach: express business requirements and customer value as business processes and use Agile methods to deliver both business process and application change. Discover how to institute collaboration between business process pros and application delivery pros and combine BPM and Agile approaches - and your business and customers will greatly benefit.
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10 Essential Google+ Tips
Google's new social network keeps changing and growing. Check out recent improvements and expert advice for Google+ users.

8 Notorious Android Malware Attacks
Nearly a third of of Android users will fall prey to malware this year. Here's a look at some of the worst Android malware attacks we've seen so far.

Microsoft IT Hiring Problems Bogus, Say Programmers
Tech worker groups say Redmond is exaggerating its difficulties finding IT talent as an excuse to import cheap H-1B help.

Google, Microsoft War On Mobile Patents Rages
Google talks up a "hostile, organized campaign against Android." But who's won over mobile developers?

RIM Won't Live to See 2013, Analyst Says
Unimpressed by RIM's new BlackBerrys, at least one analyst says RIM's co-founders will run the company into the ground.



7 Hottest Features In Windows Phone 7 Mango Microsoft this week shipped its Windows Phone "Mango" update to phone makers--adding key features to the smartphone OS that Microsoft is pitting against Apple iPhone and Google Android. Check out this visual tour of seven significant new functions.   View Now

10 Essential Google+ Tips
Mozilla's Web-Only Operating System Layer


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Citrix NetScaler: Working with Intel and Microsoft Solutions
Citrix Systems Engineer, Mark Borrow, demonstrates Citrix NetScaler with Intel at Microsoft TechEd 2011.   Watch

Tutorial: GreenProcurement Guide
Tutorial: Reduce Your Printing Footprint



Building Efficient Storage Solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises
Get an overview of the buying criteria small/medium enterprises should consider when making storage hardware acquisitions. It happens Wednesday, August 10, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed
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