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Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Imagines Post-PC World

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TOP STORY: Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Imagines Post-PC World
MORE NEWS: Apple's Mac App Store Brings Changes, Worries

ANALYTIC REPORT: Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth
WHITEPAPER: Data-centric Security

SLIDESHOW: 12 Best Government Websites
VIDEO: Apps On The Street: iPad Brings Thomson Reuters Data And News To Life
BLOG: There's (Short-Term) Hope For Greener Storage
WEBCAST: Enterprise Clouds: Application Management Considerations for Internal, External & Hybrid Environments

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InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." -- Jack Welch




Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Imagines Post-PC World

In a valedictory memo, Microsoft's departing chief software architect highlights his company's successes and its challenges as cloud services become more important.


Microsoft Windows 8 To Arrive In 2012

Windows 7 Gives Microsoft Hope

Microsoft Launches Office 2011 For Mac


Apple's Mac App Store Brings Changes, Worries

Before it has even launched, the Mac App Store has prompted calls for competition.

Global CIO: Can Charles Phillips Grow Infor While Avoiding Oracle & SAP?

The Oracle ex-president's new company has $2 billion in revenue and 70,000 customers--and suddenly a much higher profile within SAP and Oracle.

Android Market And Windows Marketplace Pass Major Milestones

The Android Market has officially reached 100,000 applications and Microsoft's brand-new Marketplace for Windows Phone has surpassed 1,000 apps.

Google 'Mortified' Over WiFi Data Gathering

New procedures have been implemented to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Global CIO: As IBM Accelerates Analytics Business, Can Anyone Keep Up?

IBM has put analytics at the heart of its corporate strategy and is leveraging its entire $100-billion business to drive the "smarter" solutions that analytics animate.

Humanoid Robot Joining International Space Station

Robonaut 2, developed by NASA and General Motors, will help astronauts with tasks on the Space Shuttle Discovery's final mission.

WiFi Direct Could Surpass Bluetooth

Connects over a greater range and relies on peer-to-peer linkups instead of a WiFi network or router.

RIM Demos PlayBook Tablet

Research In Motion used the AdobeMAX conference to highlight the capabilities of its forthcoming PlayBook tablet. The big question on everyone's mind: Is this thing for real?

Why Cloud Security Worries Are Overblown

Oracle's Larry Ellison can question the security of today's multi-tenant applications, but there's no denying that it's the wave of the future and it's only going to get stronger.

Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

These servers are coming into their own, especially as part of virtualization projects. Also in this new, all-digital InformationWeek supplement: Want really cool blades? Total liquid submersion systems deliver.

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Featured Report

Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

The strategy points to Sun hardware optimized to run Oracle software. But our exclusive research finds many IT pros doubt that they'll benefit from the partnership. This report outlines Oracle's road maps for key Sun products, and analyzes what changes the acquisition will bring for business technology decision makers.

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Featured Report


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Data-centric Security

For criminals, confidential data is the treasure at the center of any organization. The problem with protecting data is that it moves around from server to workstation to mobile device and back. Data loss prevention systems (DLP) provide the technology to help keep data safe, but protection requires more than just technology. Learn how to analyze the data value and develop processes and procedures for building layers of security around critical business data.
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Exchange 2010 and Dell EqualLogic: Safe and Simple Storage

Need to take advantage of Exchange 2010 while avoiding the need to over-provision storage? Check out this brief for helpful tips on automating to reduce complexity, shorten recovery times, and simplify disaster recovery using a shared-resource architecture.
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12 Best Government Websites

Easy access to government online has gone from being nice-to-have to being necessary in the "open government" era, with many government websites taking advantage of modern designs and technologies to help do the trick. All too often, local, state and federal governments and government agencies do far too little to reach out to citizens on the web. Many governments and agencies are stuck in the 1990s era of tacky animated images, an over-abundance of white space, and confusing arrays of links. However, there are also plenty of agencies that stick out, with designs nearly or every bit as modern and enticing as one might expect from top corporations and Web 2.0 companies. These are some of the best.   View Now

Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals

Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters


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Apps On The Street: iPad Brings Thomson Reuters Data And News To Life

In the third part of our Apps On The Street series, Brian Becker, VP, Thomson Reuters, shows us how the MarketBoard app for the iPad which provides traders with global equity performance and news, is bringing static content to life.   Watch

Interop Tchotchke Report: Attendee Scores A Bag Of Schwag

Napatech•s Line-Speed Ethernet Accelerators Target Appliance OEMs




Featured BloggerThere's (Short-Term) Hope For Greener Storage

By Lamont Wood

Energy demands made by data center storage are expected to start leveling off soon as vendors start making storage with greener, more efficient components. But the effect won't last.


Adobe Flash 10.1 Coming To Most Platforms

By Ed Hansberry

Today Adobe announced the release of AIR 2.5 and buried in the announcement is an update on Flash for smartphones. Unless you have an iPhone, chances are good you can either get it today or will be able to in the near future.

Does Ray Ozzie's Departure Matter?

By Dave Methvin

Stores selling gold watches in Redmond, Washington must be doing great business lately. Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, Ray Ozzie, became the company's latest executive to announce that he will retire soon. I'm not sure that it matters.

More Patient Data Dumps

By George Hulme

Yet another case where patient medical records are left in a dumpster and out in plain sight.

What Business Data Should Be In The Cloud?

By George Crump

In our last entry we discussed different ways that you can move data into the cloud, something I call onramps. In theory the ability now exists to put all your data types on a cloud storage platform, but is that the right choice for your business? How do you determine which data you should put in the cloud?

2 Of 3 Employees Routinely Violate Usage Policies

By Keith Ferrell

Whatever your employees need to be doing on the Web via your network, a fair percentage are doing -- or trying to do -- a lot more, according to Symantec/MessageLabs findings.

Enterprise Clouds: Application Management Considerations for Internal, External & Hybrid Environments

News headlines are a constant reminder that malware attacks and data leakage are on the rise. Over the past decade, the threat has changed and traditional anti-virus is no longer enough to protect against today's sophisticated and financially motivated cybercriminals. Join this live Webcast and learn about the changes in the threat landscape and the 8 threats your anti-virus won't stop.
It happens Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 9 AM PT/12:00 PM ET
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