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Microsoft Reorgs Hardware; Gov 2.0 Preview

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TOP STORY: Microsoft Implodes Troubled Hardware Unit

MORE NEWS: Gov 2.0: Army Competition Spurs App Development

ANALYTIC REPORT: Ready To Outsmart PCI? New Techs Help IT Comply

WHITEPAPER: VoIP Best Practices

BLOG: Gov 2.0: Aspiring To Greatness In Open Government

WEBCAST: Cloud Platform Strategy

RESOURCES: Book Excerpt: Making It Big In Software: Google's Peter Norvig

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, May 26, 2010 


"An economist's guess is liable to be as good as anybody else's."
-- Will Rogers 


Microsoft Implodes Troubled Hardware Unit

CEO Steve Ballmer will exert more influence over Entertainment and Devices Division as company veterans Bach and Allard head for the exit.


HP 'iPad Killer' May Be DOA

KIN Reviews: Microsoft Phones A Flop?

Windows Phone 7 Gets Motion Controller


Gov 2.0: Army Competition Spurs App Development

The Apps for Army application development challenge has sparked development of 53 applications in only 75 days, more than half of them for mobile operating systems.

Mobile PC Shipments Soar 43%

Consumer buying in the first quarter pushed laptops, netbooks, and tablets to their highest level in eight years, according to Gartner.

AT&T Launches Times Square WiFi Hotzone

The mobile hotspot is AT&T's latest idea to alleviate the pressure of a 5000% increase in its mobile data traffic, most of it caused by iPhone users.

Google Generated $54 Billion For Economy

AdWords advertisers on average see $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on ads with Google, the company claims.

Twitter For iPhone Attracts Malware

Hackers are deploying Trojans within links in tweets. One aims to swipe users' banking information.

Pandigital Unveils Novel E-Reader

The Novel's full Web browser, e-mail app, integrated Barnes & Noble online bookstore, and $200 price tag may help it compete in a crowded marketplace.

Sybase IQ Upgrade Takes On Text Analysis

Analytic database handles structured and unstructured data. Federation and loading options improve.

Performance Monitoring Aims To Improve EHR Satisfaction

By monitoring system performance on the backend, an Alabama health system hopes to make its e-health record rollout go smoother for users.

Congress Considering Rewrite Of Telecom Law

House and Senate leaders are looking to take up the contentious issue of whether to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service, subjecting it to more regulation.

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Ready To Outsmart PCI? New Techs Help IT Comply

The PCI Data Security Standard is costly, complex, and rigged against the retailers, merchants, and processors that must comply with it. But those very attributes may be the most potent catalyst to bring about meaningful protection of credit card data -- not because of the PCI requirements themselves, but because PCI will drive merchants toward end-to-end encryption and tokenization.

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Featured Report

The iPad In The Enterprise

Our editors take Apple's new platform through its paces, in the office and on the road. Here are their (differing) assessments of what works well and what doesn't.

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Featured Report


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VoIP Best Practices

Learn how VoIP-enabled meeting systems are revolutionizing the world of audio conferencing. This white paper explains why VOIP is fast becoming the audio conferencing technology of choice.
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Oracle Unveils Revolutionary Database Performance Technology

Discover how major technology advances make it possible to sustain maximum database performance, improve IT agility with comprehensive change management and lower IT costs through database self-management and automation.
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Featured BloggerGov 2.0: Aspiring To Greatness In Open Government

By John Foley

Tim O'Reilly is raising the bar on what he envisions for the open government movement. At this week's Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington, D.C., O'Reilly won't be talking merely about government serving as "a platform" -- that was last year's idea -- but about government as "a platform for greatness."


Droid Shadow Materializes, Droid Incredible Vanishes

By Eric Zeman

It's not quite the same story as getting drunk and leaving it in a bar, but a Motorola Droid Shadow was lost (and then found) in Verizon corporate gym. At the same time, the Droid Incredible has mysteriously vanished from Verizon Wireless' web site.

Gov 2.0: Quit The Social Media Whining, Bureaucrats

By J. Nicholas Hoover

Even at the Gov 2.0 Expo, a government IT event where the geeks seem to outnumber the bureaucrats, I hear the same old refrain about social media and open data from some questioners and attendees: we can't do this, management won't accept it, government regulations make it too hard.

Microsoft Says China Piracy Killing Thousands Of U.S. Jobs

By Bob Evans

Insisting that software piracy in China has become so pervasive that "there is no software market to speak of" in the fast-growing country, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said yesterday that enhanced enforcement in China of intellectual-property rules could save U.S. firms tens of thousands of jobs, Bloomberg reports.

What Exactly Is '4G'?

By Eric Zeman

The term "4G" is being tossed around a lot in the tech industry right now, and in some instances is being misapplied. InformationWeek takes a few moments to to help sort out this alphabet soup and explain what's really going on here.


Cloud Platform Strategy

In this editorial Webcast, we'll analyze the key IT infrastructure considerations that must be taken into account for creating private clouds in federal data centers: software/hardware environment, multi-tenancy, security, virtualization, and management tools. We'll also discuss the key role that APIs play in supporting hybrid scenarios that tap into public cloud services.

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Book Excerpt: Making It Big In Software: Google's Peter Norvig

In this excerpt from the book Making It Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great, by Sam Lightstone, Google's Director of Research Peter Norvig shares insights into the working at the upper echelons of the software industry.

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Virtual Event: Merging Mobility And UC In The Enterprise

Microsoft has made the Ribbon a standard feature across all Office applications in its latest release, and it has made the Ribbon customizable. It also has made many of the Office 2010 features more visible in the Ribbon, and added some new features.


Take Our Cloud Computing & IT Staffing Survey -- You Could Win An iPod Touch!

InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey to investigate the impact of cloud computing on IT professionals. The results of this survey will appear in an upcoming issue of InformationWeek as well as an in-depth InformationWeek Analytics report. This survey will take under 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32-GB iPod Touch valued at $299 from TechWeb. Your responses will remain confidential and will only be reported in aggregate.

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