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Microsoft Readies Office, SharePoint 2010

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TOP STORY: Microsoft Office 2010 Adds Features For Browsers, Smartphones

MORE NEWS: Review: SharePoint 2010 Gets Overdue Upgrades

ANALYTIC REPORT: Oracle's New Strategy Unfolds

WHITEPAPER: Improved Website Performance and Security Secrets Revealed

BLOG: XP Holdouts Will Hold Back Progress

WEBCAST: Virtualize without Compromise

RESOURCES: Attend Our Live Forum: Making The Private Cloud Real

InformationWeek Daily
 Tuesday, May 11, 2010 




InformationWeek's Green Issue

If Google couldn't stop targeted attacks, is there any hope for the rest of us? The results of our 13th Annual Strategic Security survey reveal the risks -- only in our May 10 digital issue!

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Microsoft Office 2010 Adds Features For Browsers, Smartphones

The latest version promises different features based on how people use it on the PC, in a browser, and on a smartphone.


Image Gallery: Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 In Pictures

Video: Sharepoint 2010 User Interface Improvements

Video: Sharepoint Doc & Content Creation


Review: SharePoint 2010 Gets Overdue Upgrades

The latest version of Microsoft's collaborative platform delivers better business intelligence, new social networking features, and two-way application-integration options.

Facebook Board Member's Account Compromised

The breached account was used to send a phishing message.

Comtech To Acquire CPI For $472 Million

The move will bring Comtech closer to its goal of developing a one-stop shop for radio frequency products.

Defense Information Systems Agency Makes Leadership Changes

DISA, the military's IT and networking branch, gets a new CIO, head of strategy, and top networking official.

Final Shuttle Mission Is 'Go For Launch'

Atlantis is set for one more liftoff before the program is officially mothballed by NASA.

Global CIO: 10 Ways To Optimize Your SAP Investment

A Forrester principal analyst offers 10 suggestions built around three key questions to help you optimize your SAP investments.

"Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment."
-- Fred Brooks 

Sony Refreshes Vaio Netbook

The Vaio P Series adds an Intel Atom Z560 processor, 2 GB of memory, and Windows 7 Home Premium, but its starting price of $800 is significantly more than the average netbook.

Twitter Bug Fix Drops Followers To Zero

The micro-blogging service plans to restore follower lists to a time before the bug was being exploited.

Aruba To Acquire Azalea In $40 Million Deal

The purchase will boost Aruba's outdoor mesh offerings and give it an operations center in Beijing.

Management Strategies For The Cloud Revolution

In this first of a two-part book excerpt, author Charles Babcock, editor at large with InformationWeek, brings shape to the 'amorphous cloud'

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Oracle's New Strategy Unfolds

Under Oracle's plan, your cost of internal operations plummet, your integration headaches vanish, your performance problems disappear, and your CEO views you as a business leader.

But here's the tradeoff: To get all that, you have to standardize on Oracle. The thing you swore in blood you'd never do.

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Sorting Out App Mobilization Challenges

Today's smartphones represent the cutting edge of the computing industry, incorporating innovations in form factors, user interfaces, applications and operating systems. They're powerful computers with significant processing power and storage capacity, and your best and brightest employees wouldn't consider leaving home without their devices of choice.

And therein lies the problem: There is such a thing as too much diversity.

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Improved Website Performance and Security Secrets Revealed

Research shows that customers are won or lost on the Internet in just seconds.Discover how you can immediately improve uptime and deliver the fastest possible web performance for your users.
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Web Conferencing Tips

Make meetings more meaningful and productive. The paper explains what to look for when choosing a product and offer guidelines for installing a solution that brings people together in a way that saves you both time and money.
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Featured BloggerXP Holdouts Will Hold Back Progress

By Dave Methvin

The web has been moving ahead quickly as vendors trip over each other to implement the latest standards such as HTML5. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and even the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 have all pledged allegiance to the web. The future of the web looks bright, but I fear that the future will take a long time to arrive because of Windows XP.


Nexus One For Sprint Is Dead

By Eric Zeman

Sprint users hoping to get their hands on the Google Nexus One Android device should give up. Sprint has confirmed that it won't support the device, and Google has removed references to it from the Nexus One web site. Instead, Sprint hopes users will adopt the EVO 4G WiMax-powered Android smartphone.

Steve Jobs: iPad Printing On The Way

By Eric Zeman

In yet another response to a customer email, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said that the iPad will eventually gain the ability to print. He didn't say when or how.

Knowing That Your Data Recovery Will Work

By George Crump

Probably no single process has had more software, hardware and infrastructure thrown at it then the backup process. Despite this continual investment many of the IT managers that I speak with express doubt in their ability to recover the right data in the right amount of time. What do you do to know that your data recovery will work when you need it to?

Android Takes No. 2 Smartphone Spot From iPhone

By Eric Zeman

According to data provided by NPD Group, Google's Android platform has surpassed Apple's iPhone in terms of unit sales in the most recent quarter. Is this really surprising?

AT&T Leads Dropped Call Survey. AT&T: "Nuh-uh!"

By Ed Hansberry

AT&T just cannot catch a break. Despite, or because of, their exclusivity agreement with Apple on the iPhone, AT&T continues to be dogged by technical issues that frustrate its customers. The latest survey on US based wireless carriers puts AT&T at the top of the list when it comes to dropped calls.

Virtualize without Compromise

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Image Gallery: Government's 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers

The United States government owns many of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, including six of the top ten. These supercomputers are being used for everything from climate modeling to building spaceships to basic science research.

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Join this exclusive gathering of government technology executives to hear first-hand how they're driving change and innovation in federal IT services and operations. Prominent CIOs from civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies will engage an audience of their peers in an open discussion of intelligence gathering and sharing, cybersecurity, open government, cloud computing, and much more.

It happens June 15, 2010 in Washington, DC

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