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Microsoft, Nokia Join Forces On Windows Phones

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TOP STORY: Microsoft, Nokia Join Forces On Windows Phones

MORE NEWS: White House Issues Federal Cloud Strategy

ANALYTIC REPORT: Networking In A Virtualized World

WHITEPAPER: How Bar Codes and RFID Deliver Value to Manufacturing and Distribution

SLIDESHOW: 10 Tenets Of Enterprise Data Management

VIDEO: IBM at 100

BLOG: Do Devices Do Enough To Protect Sensitive Information?

WEBCAST: How to Grow your Business in a Market of Continual Change

RESOURCES: Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2011

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, February 14, 2011


Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough. -- Don Marquis



Microsoft, Nokia Join Forces On Windows Phones

Windows Phone 7 becomes the default operating system on Nokia smartphones under a bold plan designed to lift both companies' fortunes in the mobile market.


Nokia CEO Laments Company's 'Burning Platform'

WebOS Plans Put HP On Collision Course With Microsoft


White House Issues Federal Cloud Strategy

The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy seeks to accelerate federal cloud adoption by detailing benefits, outlining a deployment framework, and describing agencies' roles and responsibilities.

Practical Analysis: What Matters Most To IT Pros

Job priorities are changing, but there's more going on here than just the economic hangover

Global CIO: Sam Palmisano Reveals Secret Behind IBM's Century Of Success

IBM's chairman describes the power of culture and long-term thinking in his inaugural speech commemorating IBM's 100th birthday.

Enterprise Collaboration Meets The Super Bowl's creative halftime promotion for its Chatter app was a major moment for social software on multiple levels

PayPal Opens Digital Goods Service

The online payment powerhouse is moving into micropayments.

iPhone Nano Cast As Possible Answer To Android

Reports of a smaller, cheaper Apple smartphone have resurfaced, positioning the "iPhone Nano" as the ideal device to slow Android's ascent.

Location-Based Apps Prompt Store Visits, Spending

Foursquare, Groupon, and Facebook hyperlocal offers prompt 20% of mobile users to visit a store and 17% to spend money, a JiWire study reports.

Facebook Pages Redesign Adds Administrator Features

The update, mandatory in early March, mirrors recent changes to individual profiles and includes admin notifications when fans interact with or post comments to a page.

HHS Invests $270 Million In Public Health IT

The funds supporting infrastructure, research, and tracking are part of $750 million allocated for states' disease prevention efforts announced by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Adobe Upgrades Flash Player With ‘Stage Video’

Version 10.2 of the PC video player is up to 34 times more efficient than previous releases, says Adobe.

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Networking In A Virtualized World

Virtualization is rapidly evolving into a core element of next-generation data centers. This expanded role places new strains on the network. This report explores the technical issues exposed by virtualized infrastructure and looks at standards, technologies, and best practices that can make your network ready to support virtualization.

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Featured Report

Storage Utilization: Data Dedupe Gains Ground, Albeit Slowly

As the volume of corporate data continues to grow, IT pros keep investing in new storage usage technologies. Compression still ranks No. 1, according to InformationWeek Analytics' 2010 Data Deduplication Survey, though respondents rely increasingly on dedupe, as well as thin provisioning and MAID. We also compare 2010 market trends with our 2009 research.

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Featured Report


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How Bar Codes and RFID Deliver Value to Manufacturing and Distribution

This paper shows how advanced bar code and RFID technologies can create sustainable advantages by providing the accurate information required for modern business practices. By implementing bar coding and RFID, companies can realize significant return on investment (ROI).
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Microsoft SQL Server Databases Thrive in the Cloud

This white paper demonstrates how companies that have moved their SQL databases to the cloud have overcome past performance and security concerns to increase operational efficiency, improve availability and scalability, reduce costs, gain a faster-time to-market, and achieve a better return on investment.
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10 Tenets Of Enterprise Data Management

Data quality, master data management, metadata management, data warehousing architecture and data integration: These are all pieces of the data management puzzle, but rare is the enterprise that has assembled these pieces into a cohesive and coherent picture. This image gallery presents ten tenets of enterprise data management -- best practices illustrated by conceptual images -- that will get you headed in the right direction.   View Now


Slideshow: HP Tablet Announced


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Featured Blogger

Do Devices Do Enough To Protect Sensitive Information?

By Ed Hansberry

Security has always been a concern with mobile devices, be they laptops or smartphones or something in between. They are easy to leave behind or get stolen depending on where you are. With more and more commerce happening on smartphones, securing the data on your phone is even more critical. Are simple passwords good enough?


Startups Should Not Buy Servers, Says FaceBook CTO

By Lamont Wood

In a BBC interview, the executive says most Silicon Valley startups are now using the cloud rather than buying their own hardware.

Think That iPhone Isn't A Corporate Security Risk?

By George Hulme

If so, you had better think again. Researchers have shown how the passwords on the iPhone can be revealed in less than six minutes.

Did The Verizon iPhone Fizzle?

By Eric Zeman

The iPhone 4 became available from Verizon Wireless nearly four years after the device launched on AT&T. Did anyone buy it?

Will Apple Rock The Phone World Again?

By Kurt Marko

Apple, which long ago ditched the 'computer' in their name, is known more as a phone cum mobile device maker and digital content distributor; and rightly so, their last earnings report showed these non-computer segments accounting for three-fourths of their revenue, with most of that coming from the iPhone. Having defined the smartphone feature set with a high bar all others must match, and with the Verizon model flying off the shelves, one wonders what Apple will do next? How about utterly changing the wireless business model by decoupling the device from the carrier.


How to Grow your Business in a Market of Continual Change

Join Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, InformationWeek & TechWeb and Paul Brunet, Vice President, IBM WebSphere and BPM Product Marketing for a discussion on how savvy business managers are using technology to chart a path to growth, partnering with their technology departments to deliver value, and creating an unprecedented advantage over the competition.

It happens Wednesday, February 23, 2010 -- Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

More Information & Registration

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Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2011

Now in its fifth year, Web 2.0 Expo is for the builders of the next-generation Web: designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and business strategists. This year we're focusing on how you can unlock the digital economy as well as the ways you can leverage important ideas for your own success. We'll apply the economic filter to data collection, social connections, social media platforms, browser successes, old media in new channels, and global commerce among other hot topics.

It happens March 28-31 in San Francisco.

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