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Microsoft H-1B Stance Angers Devs | 10 Google+ Tips

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, August 4, 2011
Between The Lines Columnist Slideshow: 10 Essential Google+ Tips
By Tom Claburn
Google's new social network keeps changing and growing. Check out recent improvements and expert advice for Google+ users.

Google+ Has 5 Minuses
Google+ Name Rules Adjusted

Microsoft IT Hiring Problems Bogus, Say Programmers
Tech worker groups say Redmond is exaggerating its difficulties finding IT talent as an excuse to import cheap H-1B help.

Microsoft Vet Replacing Kundra As Federal CIO
Steven VanRoekel, a former Microsoft exec and currently managing director of the FCC, will take over Kundra's open government and federal IT reform efforts.

SAP Brings Your Subsidiaries, HQ Closer
Your headquarters wants to run SAP on-premises software, but subsidiaries want Business ByDesign SaaS suite? No problem, says SAP.

Banks Face Ongoing Cyber Threats
Although financial institutions have to date largely escaped the fate of the U.S. government and other industries, security experts warn that it's only a matter of time until a bank suffers a major breach from a cyber attack.

Shady RAT Hid Behind Chinese Hacker Tool
Advanced persistent threat research efforts detail ongoing 'Operation Shady RAT' cyberespionage attacks.

Mobile, HTML 5 Headline Adobe CS 5.5 Advances
Creative Suite 5.5 includes some significant improvements to Adobe's suite of development and design tools and adopts an accelerated update strategy.

Should You Be Selling On Facebook? Early Lessons
College deal site Kembrel embeds its social store in Facebook, but doesn't insist on closing the deal there.

The most imaginative people are the most credulous, for them everything is possible. -- Alexander Chase


Mobile, HTML 5 Headline Adobe CS 5.5 Advances
Should You Be Selling On Facebook? Early Lessons
Design On A Dime: Upgrading Storage
The State of IT Automation
5 Ways To Fight Mobile Malware
Building Efficient Storage Solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises
InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed

Posted By Swiimer11:
"The H-1B visa program is not a scam. It's the employers who abuse them who are the scammers – they’re give the H-1B a bad name!"
In reply to: Microsoft IT Hiring Problems Bogus, Say Programmers
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Posted By CindiHowson:
"Thanks for the heads up on Peter Griffiths. I was unaware of his departure which happened in the last month. Peter will be a loss to the Cognos team, no doubt."
In reply to: SAP BusinessObjects Customers Await New Platform
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Beware SQL Injections: Knowing how attackers find and exploit these vulnerabilities can help you defend against them.

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Design On A Dime: Upgrading Storage
The economies of storage networking have changed dramatically, especially in the options available for small and midsize enterprises. We analyze SME responses to our 2011 State of Enterprise Storage Survey and discuss which techs will best serve these businesses.
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Cloud Security: Understand The Risks Before You Make The Move
Security concerns give many companies pause as they consider migrating portions of their IT operations to cloud-based services. But you can stay safe in the cloud. In this Dark Reading Tech Center report, we explain the risks and guide you in setting appropriate cloud security policies, processes and controls.
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The State of IT Automation
Recent research reveals that most IT decision-makers are using virtualization. While cloud computing lags behind, they do expect to leverage the cloud within five years. In many cases high expectations aren't being met; mainly because most organizations still rely on manual processes to manage their computing environments. Download this report to examine the correlation between unfulfilled expectations and outdated IT management processes and tools and learn how IT automation can turn things around.
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A Hitchhiker's Guide To Process-Driven Business Transformation And Application Delivery
Business process professionals and application delivery professionals must share a common approach: express business requirements and customer value as business processes and use Agile methods to deliver both business process and application change. Discover how to institute collaboration between business process pros and application delivery pros and combine BPM and Agile approaches - and your business and customers will greatly benefit.
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5 Ways To Fight Mobile Malware
A new Android Trojan reminds us of the growing threat to mobile devices. Follow these five simple security tips to protect your smartphones and tablets from mobile malware.

Shady Rat Attacks Hit 70 Organizations, 14 Countries
Operation Shady Rat, a massive cyber-espionage campaign, has been under way for five years against national governments, global companies, nonprofits, and others, says McAfee.

RIM's New BlackBerrys: Good Enough, Or Too Late?
Research In Motion's updated smartphones will excite enthusiasts, but won't solve the company's long-term problems.

Android Trojan Points Out Mobile Security's Trust Problem
Malware that records your phone calls sounds bad, but there's a bigger problem.

Mobile Developers See Apple, Google Ruling Enterprise
Bad news for Microsoft extends far beyond mobile, developer survey says. But analysts don’t count Redmond out yet.



Adobe CS 5.5: Evaluating Bundle, Feature Upgrades Flash, Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver are among the updated Adobe Creative Suite bundles. Take a look inside a few along with the latest feature enhancements.   View Now

11 iPad Apps For Better Collaboration
7 Hottest Features In Windows Phone 7 Mango


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Citrix NetScaler: Working with Intel and Microsoft Solutions
Citrix Systems Engineer, Mark Borrow, demonstrates Citrix NetScaler with Intel at Microsoft TechEd 2011.   Watch

Tutorial: GreenProcurement Guide
Tutorial: Reduce Your Printing Footprint



Building Efficient Storage Solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises
Get an overview of the buying criteria small/medium enterprises should consider when making storage hardware acquisitions. It happens Wednesday, August 10, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET More Information & Registration

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