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Microsoft Anti-Piracy Chief Steps Down

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TOP STORY: Microsoft Anti-Piracy Chief Steps Down

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ANALYTIC REPORT: Open Source Clouds In Government

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices for Disaster Recovery & Continuity

BLOG: Four Tiers For The New Decade

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InformationWeek Daily

 Tuesday, January 5, 2010 


"Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account."
-- Oscar Wilde 


Microsoft Anti-Piracy Chief Steps Down

Alex Kochis is the latest exec to head for the exit at Redmond.


Top 10 Security Challenges For 2010

7 Things Microsoft Must Do In 2010

What CIOs Think About Windows 7


Server Den: Architectural Differentiation To Dominate In 2010

Spurred by processor innovations from Intel and AMD, we'll see a pitched battle for market leadership among IBM, HP, and Dell.

TV Everywhere Challenged By Consumer Groups

Public interest groups claim that the broadband TV service violates antitrust laws by leaving out online video providers like Hulu.

Freescale Intros Tablet PC Prototype

The hybrid smartphone and netbook would cost significantly less than netbooks, chipmaker says.

EMC Acquires Archer Technologies

Archer's SmartSuite Framework will beef up EMC's governance, risk, and compliance software offerings.

Nexus One, A Google Phone In Name Only?

Despite the Google branding, don't count on Google getting into the handset business.

NASA Discovers Five New Planets

Kepler space telescope gets closer look at new celestial bodies.

New York City Names A New CIO

As commissioner of the Department of IT and Telecommunications, Carole Wallace Post plans to consolidate infrastructure, provide more city services online, and offer enterprise solutions to common functions.

Synaptics Upgrades Touchscreen Interface

Scrybe gesture technology streamlines TouchPad control, company says.



Open Source Clouds In Government

We look at the leading open source components used for cloud computing
and how those pieces fit together to create elastic, on-demand IT environments.
Whether government agencies are assessing internal clouds, public cloud services,
or private-public hybrid cloud environments, this report shows where open source
may fit into those plans.

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Featured Report

Outlook 2010

Don't break out the party hats just yet, but there are signs of optimism among the business technology pros we surveyed.

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Featured Report


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Best Practices for Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Do you know how to plan, implement and execute a quick recovery strategy in the event of a local accident or natural disaster? Read more about the services and resources you'll need to ensure your company's survival.
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Top 10 Things to Know About Data Protection

Data protection is fast becoming part of the IT arsenal to combat data loss or theft. It can significantly reduce the amount of damage done by the above and their associated costs. Download this white paper to learn the top 10 things you should know about data protection.
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Featured Blogger

Four Tiers For The New Decade

Posted By George Crump

The storage component is changing, becoming either dramatically faster with Solid State Disk (SSD) technology or fundamentally more cost effective thanks to capacity-efficient disk archiving or overhead-efficient cloud storage. In addition all current storage will still need to be managed. A four-tier storage strategy will allow storage managers to develop a storage environment that is both cost efficient and meets increasing performance demands.


Nokia Rattles Sabres At Apple And RIM

Posted by Eric Zeman

Tough talk from Nokia. An exec recently said in an interview that the company will "be on par with Apple and RIM" in 2011. Whoa. Watch out Cupertino and Waterloo. Oh, and the company thinks it is going to sell 500 million phones this year.

'Meaningful Use' Will Keep Healthcare Providers Busy In 2010

Posted By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Last week, one day shy of its Dec. 31 2009 deadline, the Dept. of Health and Human Services issued its long-awaited near-final rules defining the "meaningful use" requirements doctors and hospitals must meet to cash in on the government's $20 billion-plus health IT incentive programs starting 2011.

IBM Bankrolls EHR Projects

Posted By Bob Evans

IBM is funding big electronic health-records projects for Siemens and three other companies in moves that offer an intriguing glimpse at one of the company's emerging strategies: IBM is leveraging its vast financial resources to win new business from customers that want not only IT products and services but also the cash to purchase it.

Google Making Huge Android Announcement Tomorrow

Posted By Eric Zeman

Google has scheduled a press conference at its Mountain View headquarters for Tuesday, January 5. The subject? Android. Google rarely calls together press conferences, so you can bet that whatever Google is preparing to announce, it's going to be pretty big. Is it finally going to give us the Nexus One details for which we've been longing?


Maximize Your Data Center Today With Targeted Planning, Projects and Upgrades

Let's face it, in today's economy, we are all being forced to do more with less. Wouldn't it be great to get more space, more efficiency and lower opex on your existing data center? With targeted planning, projects and selective upgrades, you can see a quick return on investment and decrease overall operating expenses. Whether the issue is out-of-control cabling, increased densities or lack of floor space, APC and Cisco can help you by offering a clear planning methodology, project implementation experience and recommendations for targeted upgrades to extend the life of your existing data center.

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Year In Review: InformationWeek's 2009 Cover Stories

2009 was a year of wrenching upheaval, as cloud computing, software as
a service, business intelligence, mobile computing, and other business
technology movements took center stage against the backdrop of a brutal
economy. InformationWeek's covers tracked it all. Get the full picture
here, with links to each of the InformationWeek issues.

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