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McGraw Produces 9th Podcast

DULLES, Va. -- Gary McGraw, Chief Technology Officer of Cigital, Inc., a leading consulting firm specializing in software security and quality has just produced the 9th in a series of Silver Bullet Security Podcasts co-sponsored with IEEE Security & Privacy magazine. The current episode features Bruce Schneier, cryptology specialist, computer technologist, internationally-recognized security guru and author of eight well-known books. His current best seller, Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly about Security in an Uncertain World, tackles the problems of security from the small to the large: personal safety, crime, corporate security and national security.

This Silver Bullet Security Podcast is one that appeals to everyone from enterprise executives to individuals. The topics discussed include a number of controversial trends:

  • The impossibility of digital rights management and the need for alternative business models;
  • How ubiquitous surveillance threatens personal privacy;
  • Post 9/11 “security theater” measures that look good but don’t actually afford better security;
  • How Microsoft is doing on software security.

“Bruce is someone who can cover the 30-thousand-foot view in the context of a short discussion and immediately relate the essence of the issues,” comments Dr. McGraw. “It’s great to host him as a Silver Bullet interview because of his incredible perception and his ability to identify the hidden pros and cons of security.”

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