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Market Analysis: Disaster-Recovery

Imagine getting up one day, your IT staff ready and willing to get to work and help save their company, but you have nowhere for them to go. No facilities, no machines, no software and outdated or no data.


Think this will never happen to you? Hurricane Katrina devastated nearly 90,000 square miles, and many scientists say we're on the cusp of a 20-year period of intensifying weather. It would seem to be a perfect storm for disaster-recovery (DR) initiatives, yet in our reader poll for this article, 74 percent of respondents said they take snapshots of critical data only once daily, and 64 percent store their protected data copies less than 30 miles from their primary sites.

Disaster Recovery RFI
We invited disaster-recovery providers to submit plans for backing up our fictional business. See which vendor one our Editor's Choice award.

Why isn't IT doing a better job preparing? Most readers cited a lack of money and personnel, and malaise on the part of management. We'll tell you what--if you can't get buy-in and funding for data recovery this year, there's something very wrong with your powers of persuasion.

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