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LogLogic Unveils SOA

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- LogLogic today unveiled Open Log Services for log management and intelligence - a services-oriented architecture (SOA) being adopted by Enterprise customers to deliver the near-seamless integration of log management and intelligence (LMI) and business workflow. This enables enterprises to respond more nimbly to market opportunities and regulatory mandates.

Each day, thousands of disparate Enterprise IT systems and applications generate billions of log messages, creating a fingerprint of user and business activity. An audit trail based on these volumes of log data is critical to validating IT operations and meeting IT governance objectives. The return on investment and benefits of log management are highest when log-related information is integrated with other applications.

"Log data is essential business information, but is usually overlooked. Treating it as an enterprise class data service will create new opportunities for compliance, governance and risk officers," said James Governor, Principal Analyst at advisory firm RedMonk, "LogLogic’s SOA is designed to make log data pervasive, useful and strategic to businesses."

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