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A lawyer, my kingdom for a lawyer!

Proving without question that in cyberspace everyone can year you scream, SearchKing brought what really sounds like the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit against for mucking with its page rankings. Of course, you've probably read all about this on slash, but here's an interesting link from our friends at Daypop to a thread on the Yale Law School's LawMeme site, where the King of SearchKing (Bob Massa) tries without much success to defend his position.

Regardless of whether I'm just a loser who is whining about his placements or an honest businessman who has spent over 6 years building a reputable online presence with a real concern that could have far reaching effects on the further of search engines and maybe even e-commerce, wouldn't your own work be better if you at least tried to hear and present both sides?

Sorry Bob. I must cast my vote for the former.