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Last Day at the Show

editors-breakfast-sm.jpgEarly in the AM our intrepid Mike Lee Ron Anderson, a vendor friend from Spirent, and Mike DeMaria pause for some tasty pancakes at the Hard Rock. Click here for a bigger picture.




Before heading off to present his RealityCheck presentation, Mike DeMaria gets a 5 minute Oxygen fix at the o2 bar alongside myself and the gracious Nicole Boice (our sales rep, who paid for the o2). Thanks Nicole!

geek-humor-sm.jpgMeanwhile, over at the InteropNet encampment, those whacky engineers have apparently found a way to create the world's first truly evil cloud network. Click here for a bigger picture.

thegorn-sm.jpgThe new Star Trek Experience ride opened recently, featuring a very 3d borg queen and some flying brains in jars (no kidding). It was a good, long ride, worth the 30 bucks and excruciating wait in line. And of course the wandering Klingons and Ferengi were pithy and cleaver as usual. But what I'd really like to see is a life-size Gorn wandering the halls of Quark's bar, terrifying the vendor buttons off unsuspecting conference goers. Now that's entertainment. Click here for a bigger picture.