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IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2

Issue Highlights:

InformationWeek Daily: Weekend Edition


- IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2

- State Of The Database


- Review: IE9 May Be Best Version Yet

- First Impressions Of Samsung's Galaxy Tab

- Acer, HTC, Avaya Joining Tablet Race


- Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta Revealed

- InformationWeek 500: 20 Great Ideas To Steal

- Top 20 Android Productivity Apps

InformationWeek Daily: Weekend Edition

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 Saturday, Sep 18, 2010 

"If we only have great companies, we will merely have a prosperous society, not a great one. Economic growth and power are the means, not the definition, of a great nation."

--Jim Collins 


EDITOR'S NOTE: Google Me? Meh.

Editor's Note

Thomas Claburn

Details are starting to emerge about Google Me, the company's rumored Facebook-killing initiative that is beginning to sound like Google Buzz Harder. Google is apparently planning to enhance its existing services with

social features rather than building a version of Orkut that appeals to people in the U.S. Frankly, I don't know why Google is bothering.

I don't really find social networking, as implemented by Facebook, very useful. It's free, so I don't mind having an account. But it's mostly a distraction. It's blogging and communication for people who don't want to bother

with an ISP, a WordPress installation, and the dubious joys of dealing with a remote file server.

Perhaps it would be different if I relaxed my Facebook privacy settings, but as I have things fairly locked down, there's not a lot new info coming into the system. When I want to do anything productive, I head to Google for

Gmail, Google Apps, or maybe Microsoft Office. I might use Facebook mail more often if it actually connected to the outside world.



IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2

Welcome back to our rogue's gallery of computer industry flops, frauds and foibles. In this installment, we're pleased to present ten more exhibits, from Y2K to the Pentium Bug, that prove the best laid plans of mice and

men don't just go awry -- they lead straight to the IT Hall of Shame.

State Of The Database

New database options, as well as concerns about licensing and security, could shake the status quo


Review: IE9 May Be Best Version Yet

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, now in public beta, improves on previous versions of the browser, but most of the new features simply catch up to Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

First Impressions Of Samsung's Galaxy Tab

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab in the U.S. market with a big event in New York City. Can the Android 2.2-powered tablet take on Apple's iPad?

Acer, HTC, Avaya Joining Tablet Race

The iPad's success is driving many companies, including RIM, Nokia, and Samsung, to launch versions of the mobile device over the next six months.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta Revealed

The latest version of Explorer, now available in public beta, is the company's attempt to get back into the web browser race and its success will determine if users look to Microsoft or elsewhere for their window to the web. Peek in on the beta launch event and the new features in this slideshow.

InformationWeek 500: 20 Great Ideas To Steal

These InformationWeek 500 innovators are trying unique approaches to solve business problems. Could your company use a few extra bright ideas?

Top 20 Android Productivity Apps

Android handsets are pouring onto the market every day and there's a deluge of Android apps competing to fills those screens. To sort through the storm surge of app choices, we've trolled through the Android Market to

hauled in 20 Android apps that no business user should be without.


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