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iPhone Through The Years | Benioff's Cloud Bluster

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, October 6, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistBenioff's Private Cloud Bluster: Can It Last?
By Laurianne McLaughlin
Salesforce CEO Benioff won't be stopped by Oracle CEO Ellison, as demonstrated by the Oracle OpenWorld keynote spat. Will Benioff's customers insist he stop the private cloud denial?

Benioff, Denied OpenWorld Keynote, Mounts Podium Anyway
Oracle Takes Plunge Into Public Cloud Computing

iPhone Through The Years: Visual Tour
A look at where the iPhone has come from and where it's going.

Identity Management's Day Has Come
For years identity management has been like the weather, IT pros might talk about it, but they've never done anything about it. That's finally changing.

Gamification: 75% Psychology, 25% Technology
Gamification guru Gabe Zichermann on how to make applications addictive.

Got An iPhone Hangover?
Yeah, the launch was underwhelming. Here's why that's a good thing.

PC Applications In The Post-PC Era
How do we reconcile a pile of legacy Windows apps with the era of mobility?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: High-End Specs
Information has surfaced about the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Looks like it is going to be a whopper of a smartphone.

One Mobile Device Security Threat You Haven't Considered
Remember that Dilbert cartoon where the waitress comes back wearing a fur coat? Wireless store employees may be the next ones wearing mink, thanks to your data.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. -- Steve Jobs


Automation And Orchestration: Prepare For Successful Deployment
Conquer Compliance Complexity with the Cloud
Samsung Nexus Prime To Mark Ice Cream Sandwich Debut
10 Storage Infrastructure Demands
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The technology industry's unparalleled innovator died Wednesday, approximately a month after resigning as Apple CEO. Read More

Posted By moonwatcher:
"Love him or hate him, he helped to revolutionize our world. Few can ever make that claim in a good way. Thank God he was one who did."
In reply to: Steve Jobs Dies. A Revolution Ends
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Automation And Orchestration: Prepare For Successful Deployment
In this report, we outline the potential snags and share strategies and best practices to ensure successful implementation.
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Why We Need Usage-Based Accounting
In this report, we chart the new service-oriented IT landscape and provide a guide to the key components: service catalogs, cost and pricing models, and financial systems integration.
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Conquer Compliance Complexity with the Cloud
Growing litigation and compliance demands have compounded data retention and retrieval problems, leading to new cloud-based archiving options that better manage costs while transferring risk and complexity. Download this white paper to learn how cloud-based archives result in cost savings, ease of use, and scalability of the cloud coupled with best-of-breed security from a trusted provider for defensibly handling high-risk enterprise data.
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Application Security: Real-time Hybrid Analysis
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Samsung Nexus Prime To Mark Ice Cream Sandwich Debut
Samsung is expected to debut the world's first Android 3.x Ice Cream Sandwich super phone at the CTIA trade show on October 11.

10 Key Steve Jobs Moments and Innovations
Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple became a technology leader and cultural force. Take a look back at some favorite Jobs moments and ideas.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dead At 56
The leaders of Google and Microsoft are among the many expressing sadness at Jobs's passing.

Apple's iPhone 4S Magic: Siri
While the iPhone 4S may have disappointed those who expected more innovation in the hardware, Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant could become the phone's next defining feature.

10 Great Android Apps For Collaboration
The best mobile apps are not just for iPhone and iPad anymore. These collaboration-minded apps help turn your Android smartphone or tablet into an essential business tool.



10 Great Android Apps For Collaboration The best mobile apps are not just for iPhone and iPad anymore. These collaboration-minded apps help turn your Android smartphone or tablet into an essential business tool.   View Now

Amazon Kindle Fire: Visual Tour
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 And Galaxy Player: Visual Tour


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First Mover Advantage: Risk-Reward
A panel of CIOs talk about making big bets on technology -- mobile, social, cloud and more -- and how it has helped their organizations move quicker on behalf of customers and employees.   Watch

Multicore at IDF
Interop New York 2011 Cloud Computing Preview



10 Storage Infrastructure Demands
In this Cloud Connect webcast, learn how enterprises can leverage cloud-backed solutions to simplify storage, reduce costs, and keep up with the speed at which their data is growing. It happens Oct. 19. More Information & Registration

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