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iPhone Antenna Fix; Enterprise Cloud Boom

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TOP STORY: iPhone 4 Users Petition For Antenna Fix

MORE NEWS: Service Providers Should Seize Cloud Opportunity Now

ANALYTIC REPORT: Federal CIO Strategies

WHITEPAPER: How to Increase Mainframe Availability with Batch Optimization

SLIDESHOW: Slideshow: Disney Cancer Center Offers High Tech Care

VIDEO: Part 3: A Gentle Introduction to Parallel Programming

BLOG: Oracle Server Architect Emphasizes Exadata

WEBCAST: Grid Consolidation on Private Clouds

RESOURCES: The Battle For Mobile Supremacy

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Friday, July 9, 2010


"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." --J. K. Rowling



iPhone 4 Users Petition For Antenna Fix

Apple customers say company's response to signal quality issues does not go far enough.


Slideshow: Apple iPhone 4, A True Teardown

Apple iTunes Accounts Hacked

Slideshow: 17 Essential iPhone Apps


Service Providers Should Seize Cloud Opportunity Now

The global market for enterprise cloud services is projected to almost triple by 2015, with the biggest growth coming in 2011, according to an Analysys Mason forecast.

Blizzard Employees Face Denial Of Privacy Attack

Protesting the end of anonymity in Blizzard's forums, a self-proclaimed 'nerdy white male' aggregates information on Blizzard employees to highlight the privacy risks of real names. Adds Hospital Comparison Data

The data from the Hospital Compare Tool includes information on how well hospitals care for patients with heart attacks, protect outpatients from surgical infections and use of imaging equipment.

Feds Launch New Oil Spill Website will serve as a centralized hub for information about the Deepwater Horizon disaster response and recovery.

White House Clarifies Cybersecurity Leadership Roles

The roles of Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt, OMB and DHS are detailed in a memo intended to clear up possible confusion over changing roles in managing federal cybersecurity.

AT&T Launching Samsung Captivate July 18 For $199

Not interested in the iPhone 4? Samsung and AT&T are hoping you'll take a look at Samsung's new AMOLED-packing flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S Captivate, instead.

Database Admin Gets 12 Months For Hacking Employer

Terminated for inappropriate conduct, a database administrator from Houston struck back at his former employer.

iPod Touch 4G Specs, Ship Date Leaked?

Facetime video calling and 5 megapixel camera said to be among the new features included in the product.

Clearwire Launches 4G Mobile Hotspots

Two Clear Spot 4G devices provide broadband connectivity to Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, netbooks, and laptops.

Global CIO: Larry Ellison's Hardware Boasts Are Nonsense, Says IBM

Ellison says his Exadata machine is converting IBM customers, but IBM says Ellison's dealing in smoke and mirrors rather than reality.



More than a dozen of Uncle Sam's CIOs and CTOs shared their strategies on IT security, project performance, delivering new services, and other priorities at the InformationWeek Government IT Leadership Forum.

We provide highlights -- only in Our July 5th digital issue!

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Federal CIO Strategies

From NASA to the CIA, CIOs are coming up with innovative approaches to long-standing challenges. Download the latest all-digital issue of InformationWeek Government for that story and more, including: How the FBI is handling an open, more secure strategy; a profile of HUD's silo buster, Jerry Williams; and InformationWeek editor in chief Rob Preston on fiscal discipline in the public sector. (Free registration required.)

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Featured Report

Chief Of The Year: Federal CIO Vivek Kundra

Kundra is driving change in the U.S. government's far-reaching IT operations. His priorities include exposing government data sets, cloud computing, IT project management, cybersecurity, and engaging the public over the Web. Here's his plan for executing on those goals and the many challenges ahead.

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Featured Report


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How to Increase Mainframe Availability with Batch Optimization

This white paper covers best practices for optimizing batch workloads and makes the case for using software to automate optimization tasks.
Download Now

Building the Efficient Data Center

Add intelligence and simplified management to the infrastructure, while streamlining and automating application, workload and intelligent data management, to bring the efficient data center to life.
Download Now



Slideshow: Disney Cancer Center Offers High Tech Care

The latest medical technologies, health IT, and other innovations to provide care and comfort to cancer patients are deployed at the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center.   View Now


Slideshow: 12 Worst Government Websites

Slideshow: Note Taker HD Puts The "Pad" in iPad


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Part 3: A Gentle Introduction to Parallel Programming

Part 3: A Gentle Introduction to Parallel Programming   Watch


The Path to Personalized Healthcare

Smarter Health Plans




Featured Blogger

Oracle Server Architect Emphasizes Exadata

By Alexander Wolfe

The technological urge to merge is evident in Oracle's high-flying Exadata database machine, which is a platform combining hardware and software in a manner totally tuned towards the objective of fast OLTP. I was put in mind of this by Bob Evans' latest column, Global CIO: Larry Ellison's Hardware Boasts Are Nonsense, Says IBM. That got me thinking about my recent chat with John Fowler, Oracle's executive vp of systems, where he provided some insightful perspective on architectural trends.


Connection Manager Helps Find Inexpensive 3G

By Jake Widman

Nova Media's Launch2Net Premium helps the Mac-using business traveler find a prepaid 3G connection in other countries, which can save lots of money over roaming fees.

Hewlett-Packard Layoffs Could Trigger Strikes In U.K.

By Bob Evans

After narrowly averting strikes among its Enterprise Services division in the U.K. earlier this year, Hewlett-Packard could face more labor unrest there following word that 934 HP professional-services employees based in England will be losing their jobs. A union representing the HP employees is seeking for "a job security guarantee."

ManageEngine Embraces Virtualization

By Paul Korzeniowski

Virtualization has become quite popular in small and medium businesses because it enables companies to more efficiently use their server hardware. However, managing such devices has been a challenge, one that ManageEngine is trying to address.

Kin Fallout Gets Ugly

By Ed Hansberry

The aftermath of the Kin debacle at Microsoft doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot for employee morale. Those with inside knowledge have started disclosing the circumstances within Microsoft during the development of the Kin and after it was dropped. Many are former Kin team members and just about all are doing so unofficially.


Grid Consolidation on Private Clouds

(Sponsored Webcast)

Hear from Oracle experts how these technologies can now be used to consolidate your databases to a private cloud, where you can realize the efficiencies of multi-tenancy, rapid provisioning, and pay-for-use infrastructure. And learn how Oracle delivers key cloud capabilities, providing elastic database services that can be quickly provisioned on demand.

It happens Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

More Information & Registration

Special Report from Internet Evolution:
Can businesses still make money with the
Internet? Sure, but it's not as easy as
it once was thought to be.


The Battle For Mobile Supremacy

While it won't be long before billions of smartphones and tablets are in buyers' hands, PC history tells us that, of the dozen or so mobile platforms currently in play, not all can survive. It's clear that the warchests are opening up to win the battle for global mobile supremacy.
But who will reign supreme?

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