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iPad3 Camera Details Leak | Birthdays, Passwords Don't Mix

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist Bank Customers Favor Birthdate PINs
By Mathew J. Schwartz
Too many people use a date for their bank card PIN, giving attackers an edge in figuring out the number, reports Cambridge University researchers.

What One-Time Passwords Could Do For Mobile
Cryptographers Discover Public Key Infrastructure Flaw

iPad 3 Reports Suggest 8MP Camera
Spy shots of the Apple iPad 3 are hitting the Web fast and furious. The latest batch show off the camera, rear casing, and display panel.

Qualcomm Touts Smartphone Battery Life, Not 4 Cores
Mobile World Congress will showcase new advances in LTE 4G power efficiency, not smartphones with quad-core SnapDragon processors, says Qualcomm exec.

Microsoft Hits Google, Motorola With Antitrust Action
Microsoft wants Motorola required to make key patents available on reasonable terms once Google completes $12.5 billion acquisition.

5 Schemes For Redeeming Trust In SSL
Web authentication is clearly flawed, but SSL and certificate authorities aren't going away. Here's a guide to the leading proposals to fix the problems.

Nursing Information Officers: Newest Health IT Leaders
Onslaught of health IT initiatives brings a need for nursing Informatics expertise, and a new breed of chief nursing information officers.

Social Media Week: Business Metrics Take Spotlight
At the global social event that expanded to 21 cities this year, business metrics dominated discussion. Hot topic included analytics and internal social business tools.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few. -- Wendell Phillips


Nursing Information Officers: Newest Health IT Leaders
Social Media Week: Business Metrics Take Spotlight
Research: Can RIM Be Saved?
Three Steps to Effective Cloud Planning and Design
Telcos Poised To Disrupt Amazon's Enterprise Cloud
Social Analytics: Putting the Science into Social Business
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Posted By herman_munster:
"I think Jobs was being very foolish by making that announcement, echoing the same sort of criticism that his iPad received from many critics when it was first announced."
In reply to: "iPad Mini Under Development"
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Posted By ThePrisoner6:
"These heady days of Mobile remind me of the early days of the web, when companies scrambled to "just get something up there" without giving any thought to what would be most useful and beneficial."
In reply to: "An App Isn't A Mobile Strategy"
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  Digital Issue  
As federal agencies embrace devices and apps to meet employee demand, the White House seeks one comprehensive mobile strategy.

Also: Smartphone Security; FedRAMP Takes Shape; NIST Lays Out Priorities...and more!

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Research: Can RIM Be Saved?
While the future looks pretty grim, there are some moves the company can make-but they need to be bold, and fast.
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Featured Report
Research: State of Storage 2012
With solid state reaching new levels of affordability, it's rapidly displacing mechanical disk for many Tier 1 applications. In short, it's an interesting time to be in the storage business.
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Featured Report


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Three Steps to Effective Cloud Planning and Design
Before you build your cloud, there are many considerations. Are there security requirements? Compliance rules? Will you use public cloud resources as well? Learn how to plan a cloud effectively from defining requirements to identifying the costs.
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Man-in-the-Browser Attacks Explained
This white paper introduces the MITB attack, explains the infection rate, features and functionality of the attack and provides advice on how financial institutions can mitigate the threat.
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Telcos Poised To Disrupt Amazon's Enterprise Cloud
Telephone companies have the assets and track record in delivering secure and reliable services to grab a piece of the enterprise cloud services market popularized by Amazon and Rackspace.

10 iPad Problems, Solved
Don't let iPad annoyances drive you crazy or steal your time. We've chased down solutions to vexing iPad problems.

6 Predictions For Business Intelligence In 2012
A look at in-memory analysis, visual discovery, big data, mobile BI, cloud and social BI achievements in 2011 and forecasts for the year ahead.

How One SMB Went Green With iPads
West Paw Design discovered that Apple's tablets let the pet supply company save money, improve productivity, and reduce its environmental impact.

7 Ways To Toughen Enterprise Mobile Device Security
Smartphones extend the network perimeter like never before, but also give potential attackers new entry routes. Consider these get-tough strategies.


Enterprise Social Networks: A Guided Tour
More enterprises are deploying internal social networks to encourage collaboration and improve productivity. Take a tour of the major platforms and see how they are being used by leading organizations.   View Now

10 Big Tech Ideas For Retailers
7 Tools To Tighten Healthcare Data Security


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Big Data, Big Social, Big MDM
In Episode 3 of Valley View, hosts David Berlind and Fritz Nelson have guests from Google,, MetaMarkets, telyHD, Good Technology, Mobile Iron and the CIO of the San Francisco Symphony.   Watch

OpenXC: Creating Apps for Cars
Phillip Easter, Director of Mobile Apps, American Airlines



Social Analytics: Putting the Science into Social Business
In this session we will discuss how social analytics can be applied to a variety of functions such as human capital management, sales force automation, and enterprise marketing management and the impact that social analytics is having on social channel interactions and traditional business processes. It happens Thursday, March 1, 2012. More Information & Registration


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