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Intellitactics Intros Product

RESTON, Va. -- Intellitactics today announced the general availability of Intellitactics™ Security Manager Summer 2006. The new release dramatically simplifies the implementation and administration of security information and event management (SIEM), allowing organizations to accelerate their time to value while improving security operations and optimizing workforce resources. Security Manager Summer 2006 introduces advanced control monitoring and reporting to enforce security policy to strengthen the protection of enterprise information, delivers an improved workflow to detect insider threats and resolve security incidents, and provides an advanced reporting system to accelerate the creation of reports for decision support and compliance audits.

Randall K. Davis, President and CEO of Intellitactics, shares the Company’s philosophy on making the value of SIEM software more accessible: “Today’s buyers wants to experience SIEM value without a long and expensive implementation - and they also want the flexibility to adapt the solution to reflect their unique enterprise security policy. This new release of Security Manager is distinguished by simple implementation and administration with unequaled adaptability and flexibility to address enterprise specific requirements. This release takes threat management to a new level and takes cost out of sustaining a compliance environment.”

A significant component of this release is the introduction of control monitoring and reporting. According to a report by Paul E. Proctor, Research Vice President, Security and Risk, Gartner, Inc., “Information security officers need to understand their responsibilities from three perspectives, or lenses: architecture, process, and controls. The report then goes on to say, “The controls lens presents security as a set of controls to address reasonably anticipated risks. In total, the list of controls can be thought of as how an organization protects itself...” (Information Security Through the Controls and Policy Lens, January 24, 2006.)

Pamela Casale, Chief Marketing Officer for Intellitactics, explains the importance of this innovation: “There has been a lot of hype in the last year, positioning SIEM products or log managers as “compliance managers.” We wanted to put some teeth into the claim. Controls are the common denominator of enforcing policy and enforcing policy is fundamental to compliance. Many of our customers are working to comply with any combination of SOX, PCI, HIPAA, or GLB requirements. This feature of Security Manager enables our customers to be secure and be compliant where controls define the link between threats, mitigation, and risk reduction.”

“One of the major ways that organizations are responding is with an increasing interest in the control view of managing security,” explains Sunil Bhargava, Vice President of Product Management for Intellitactics. “Security Manager analyzes security events and escalates events as alerts that notify analysts of control violations or exceptions. Combined with Security Manager’s event monitoring, ability to prioritize alerts based on automated risk scoring, and integrated incident management, this capability of managing from the controls perspective simplifies the complexity of sustaining compliance and increases the value of implementing a SIEM solution.” Security Manager adds this new dimension to security event management by incorporating a meta-controls catalogue, which is a superset of controls from known frameworks like ISO, COBIT, and NIST.”

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