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Intel Futuristic Research | Win 8's Upgrade Price

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  Tuesday, July 03, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 Upgrade Price
By Paul McDougall
Aggressive promotion lets XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users make a low-cost jump to Windows 8 Professional.

Windows 8 Release Preview: Key Features
Microsoft Surface Tablet: 10 Coolest Features

Intel Puts Future On Exhibit
Imagine life without house keys or using an entire wall as a touch display. Walk through an exhibit of some of Intel's most intriguing research projects to date.

RIM CEO: We're Not In A Death Spiral
RIM chief executive Thorsten Heins offered some damage control during a radio interview and vowed to turn the company around.

Nokia: Nexus 7 Tablet Infringes Patents
Nokia says the just-announced Nexus 7 tablet from Asus violates its Wi-Fi patents. Maybe this is a hint of Nokia's 'contingency plan?'

VMware Buys DynamicOps, Accelerates Software-Defined Data Center
DynamicOps, a pioneer in multi-hypervisor management, brings VMware's IT-as-a-service strategy a giant leap forward.

Why Dell Bought Quest Software
Dell acquired Quest Software because no hardware vendor is surviving on the sales of hardware alone--the demand is for integrated systems.

Google Redefines Browser As Platform
The company's vision of the browser as a universal platform has driven remarkable technology innovation and has pushed Chrome into first place in the new browser wars.

MapR's Google Deal Marks Second Big Data Cloud Win
Just two weeks after inking a deal with Amazon Web Services, MapR gets an exclusive to run Hadoop services on the Google Compute Engine.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. -- Elmer Davis


Google Redefines Browser As Platform
MapR's Google Deal Marks Second Big Data Cloud Win
Research: Private Cloud Vision vs. Reality
Adaptive Behavior-Based Malware Protection
Secret Spy Satellite Takes Off: Stunning Images
Supporting an Enterprise-wide Data Archive and Retention Strategy
Virtual Event: SIP Trunking: The Straight Scoop

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Posted By ANON1234301:
"Not in a death spiral? Oh, then RIM must have already crashed into the ground and no one noticed."
In reply to: "RIM CEO: We're Not In A Death Spiral"
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Posted By Kerry Lebel:
"Amazon is a leader in reliability and if it happens to them, it can and will happen to any service provider. The point is that enterprises need to take responsibility for planning their contingencies and workarounds."
In reply to: "Amazon Outage Hits Netflix, Heroku, Pinterest, Instagram"
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Research: Private Cloud Vision vs. Reality
We asked 87 respondents with private clouds in place about their experiences and quizzed 123 more who are just starting initiatives about their expectations. We also asked 204 respondents who aren't aiming for a private cloud about their concerns. 32% say their applications are a major hurdle-and even more say they just don't have the budget for new initiatives. Are they right to hold back?
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Featured Report
Informed CIO: VDI Snake Oil Check
You won't lose your shirt on a desktop virtualization initiative, but don't expect it to be simple to architect, easy to implement--or free of unforeseen complications. The bigger question is, will it help you along to the next stage in end user support?
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Featured Report


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Adaptive Behavior-Based Malware Protection
A new generation of customized, tightly targeted, and byte-level obfuscated malicious code (malware) disguises its appearance to evade reactive security measures of all kinds, specifically signature-based antivirus solutions. Download this white paper to learn why IT organizations should carefully consider upgrading their IT security solutions to include SONAR protection.
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The Future of Work: A New Approach to Productivity and Competitive Advantage
The future of work is being reshaped by two trends that, when combined, create an entirely new approach to productivity and competitive advantage. The first trend is virtualization and the second is the consumerization of IT as enabled by cloud computing. Download this report to find out how your organization can benefit from these trends.
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Secret Spy Satellite Takes Off: Stunning Images
The National Reconnaissance Office provides satellite imagery for intelligence operations and national defense. Here's a look at the agency's most recent rocket launches.

Want Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? Be Prepared To Wait
Android 4.1, a.k.a. Jelly Bean, is the best version of Google's smartphone operating system yet, but most users won't see it for at least six months.

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
Microsoft's slick new Windows 8 Surface tablet looks great, though pricing remains a question. Get up close with 10 of its most compelling features.

Google's Risky Business
Google I/O, company's annual developer conference, confirms that Google is on a mission to organize the world's information. Big bets such as Project Glass could bring big rewards, or painful lessons.

Amazon's 7 Cloud Promises: Hype Vs. Reality
Amazon says cloud computing is an indispensable enabler of seven important computing transformations. We hype-test the promises with a few reality checks.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
Google's Android 4.1 slate takes aim at Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire   View Now

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
10 Windows Ultrabooks: Not Just For SMBs


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How Phones Are Helping Us Drive Safer And Even Measuring How Drunk We Are
At the CTIA conference in New Orleans, I saw all the different ways mobile phones are keeping us connected. From the car to our health, it is clear smartphones are becoming a lifestyle choice.   Watch

Powerbag Lets You Charge Your Phone When You Travel
MasterCard's PayPass Turns Your Phone Into A Smarter Wallet



Supporting an Enterprise-wide Data Archive and Retention Strategy
Join us as we discuss the best practices for controlling the expanding data growth through an effective data archiving strategy, significantly improving application performance, mitigating the risks associated with data retention needs, and reducing the costs of managing storage. More Information & Registration

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Virtual Event: SIP Trunking: The Straight Scoop
SIP trunking has the potential to save your enterprise big dollars, but it's not a slam dunk. You need to match the capabilities against the cost, and determine whether it's the right fit for you. This virtual event from our colleagues at Enterprise Connect will feature detailed presentations by independent technology experts who will give you the straight scoop--what SIP trunking can deliver, what it can't, and how much it really costs.
It happens July 11

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